We are an educational service provision company that offer a Primary School PPA cover service nationally. We cover 4 different subject areas:

For a full list of our PPA activities click here.

Our iMedia package able to run over 4years for KS2, with a 'Lite' option for KS1. Similarly, our Spanish & French MFL PPA cover packages have a 'Lite' version for KS1 and a progressive 4 year KS2 option. In addition to Computing PPA Cover and Modern Foreign Languages, our company can also provide PE PPA Cover and Music lessons. Activities provided can be revised each half term, offering diversity and the chance for students to work on other key skills and areas. 

Carousel PPA Cover is available where multiple classes can take part in a morning or afternoon. For full details click here.

With our PPA Cover we include a free reward and monitoring system called 'Pro Card', where students receive a booklet and receive stickers to document the areas they have covered and their progress - for more details click here.

Junior Jam cover provision is fully adaptable and takes into consideration room allocation, meaning several activities can be undertaken in either the hall, classroom, ICT Suite and even outdoors. Projects are all set with measurable outcomes and link easily with topics already covered. Additionally, we are happy to take registers, dismiss the students and provide timely feedback at the end of the day.