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PPA Cover & Educational Workshop Specialists

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About us

Junior Jam is an education supplier that is dedicated to providing high-quality PPA Cover, After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs and Activity Days for schools. Over the last 20 years we have worked in partnership with over 2,500 primary schools across the UK who have taken advantage of the expertise and reliability of a well-established, tried and tested provider.

We offer the largest range of subjects and activities in the country, meaning you only have to deal with one provider to cover multiple aspects of the curriculum. This includes Music, Performing Arts, Computing, MFL, Dance, Sports and Martial Arts, all delivered by expert, qualified teachers and instructors. Whether it be iPads for computing or javelins for athletics, we come with all our own equipment and resources, and are happy to take registers and dismiss children at the end of the day. READ MORE

How we work

We understand that schools and their needs are unique so our friendly staff work hard to familiarise themselves with how your school would like us to deliver the cover. We aim to build and sustain ongoing relationships with your teachers and senior leaders to maintain a high standard of provision, and adapt to any possible changes or responsibilities that naturally occur in education.

Our partner schools are provided with consistent, dedicated Junior Jam teachers or instructors who will deliver diverse and innovative lessons. We provide schools access to an online portal that enables their staff to view all of the planning, upload any specific requirements and view the outcomes of their pupils’ learning. READ MORE

Why choose us

We work extremely hard to ensure that we provide a great service for the schools we work with, and this has enabled us to become one of the leading providers of PPA cover and educational workshops in the country. Our approach to the service we provide is focused around the needs and requirements of the school we are working with so before we provide any lessons at your school, our professional and friendly office staff will speak to you about how you would like us to deliver them.

Before the first PPA Cover session, our member of staff will arrive 30 minutes early to fill in a quick question sheet relating to your school and the classes they will be teaching. In this time we aim to learn about your behaviour policy, housekeeping and how you wish us to dismiss and register the children. We take the time to ensure that our instructors have as much information about your school and pupils as possible so that they are better prepared to teach. READ MORE


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