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Junior Jam are a fully Deep-Dive
compliant PPA Cover provider

We understand that when schools book Junior Jam to supply Music, Computing, PE, Languages and/or the Arts, they are entrusting us with that part of their curriculum. We understand that the documentation we provide to our schools must be as useful to them as our lessons are to their pupils. Below we have detailed how all of the resources we provide will ensure your school will thrive, should you receive a Deep-Dive into a subject we cover.

Knowledge Organisers

At a glance, our Knowledge Organisers provide learning outcomes, keywords as well as information related to the resources used within the courses. These can be added to your school's website so that parents can see what your pupils are learning, and they can be printed off to be used within the classroom as knowledge mats, to solidify their learning. With the Knowledge Organisers in the classroom, they can also be used by class teachers for cross curricular proposes.

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Progression Maps

We understand how important it is for schools to be able to show differentiation and progression within the subjects Junior Jam covers at the point of an OFSTED Deep Dive. We also believe it is important for our schools to be able to see the progression of the pupils we see from year to year. Our progression maps allow schools to see the logic behind our courses and see how skills are developed across the school lifetime of a pupil. Offering progression maps into all of our subjects has improved how we communicate our INTENT to schools.

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Curriculum Link & Overview

In order to clearly communicate to our schools which areas of the curriculum are covered within our lessons, we provide a curriculum links and overviews document for each subject we cover, containing a large matrix that shows every level within that subject. This succinct view shows a school’s progression between years and what pupils can expect to learn should they work with Junior Jam for multiple years. Our courses are also devised in line with all non-statutory guidance across the subject areas we cover, including the Model Music Curriculum (2021), National Plan for Music (2022), Development Matters (2023) and the 2023 update to teaching online safety in schools. We constantly update our curriculum to ensure, where possible, all guidance is followed, and we detail how our courses are compliant within the curriculum links documents.

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Our short-term planning documents give teachers and subject leads a deeper insight into their Junior Jam lessons. They detail the overviews and outcomes for each course as well as brief paragraphs outlining the scheme of work for the half-term. These documents then go into each lesson in more detail.

Learning objectives are clearly outlined with a short-term plan, including extensions and differentiation. We also offer All, Most and Some learning outcomes for each lesson which are differentiated by year.

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Session Forms & Course Evaluations

Weekly session forms and course evaluations provide insight into our lessons. Session forms are a crucial 'IMPACT' fulfilling view to help your team determine if the lesson went ahead as per our 'INTENT'. Our instructors can also detail any changes to the lessons. It also allows them to let us know if the pupils are struggling with the content, so our designated managers can communicate with your school to discuss if any changes in levels are needed. Half-termly course evaluations give your team an understanding of how well a class has performed against 7-10 statements relating to the course outcomes. Our instructors also look at the class as a whole and reflect on whether they have performed above, at or below expectations for their year.

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Our Portal

Your secure login to our portal gives you access to all of the relevant documents and information you may need for an OFSTED Deep-Dive. All of our documents can be viewed online, downloaded or printed as required. Here you will see our INTENT, IMPLEMENT and IMPACT BB1? On your portal you can also view Actual Progression Maps which give you a clear view of what your pupils have completed. This portal is dynamic and changes anytime your curriculum needs to. If you have worked with Junior Jam for multiple years, you can also view previous resources to see the progression throughout these years.

Reporting and Assessing

As an optional extra, Reporting and Assessing offers each child a grade A-C in three areas: progression, attainment and attitude to learning. These gradings are verified by our subject managers before they are released to the school, and our instructors are always on hand, when in school, to go through gradings with you for further understanding.

Our Dedicated Curriculum Team

If after receiving our documents, your team still feels like they need further support, our office team are here to help. If you would like a phone or zoom meeting before a Deep-Dive, or you wish to have someone from the office speak to the OFSTED inspector when they are within school, we are on hand to do this. We aim to make communicating our curriculum to OFSTED as easy as possible.

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