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Deep Dive

Deep Dive

We are thrilled that OFSTED are now affording the same scrutiny to foundation subjects as they have done to core curriculum subjects in the past. For PPA Cover running in September 2020 onwards we have updated the information we provide to your school with fully comprehensive documents to explain exactly what your children have been taught, what curriculum points have been covered in each topic and more importantly, what they have achieved throughout the year; this is communicated online via your school’s portal.

Staff login weekly to update your school portal with what each class has been taught that week and whether the learning outcomes were achieved. Staff also complete termly whole class, course feedback, which links directly to the curriculum points for that subject. In addition to this, Reporting & Assessing is available as an optional add-on, if you require individual pupil feedback.

Our curriculum is designed around progression and accessibility for all pupils. It is ambitious and follows the standards set by the National Curriculum and OFSTED. All our staff have detailed knowledge of our curriculum and understand the rationale behind it. If your OFSTED inspection happens on a day that Junior Jam are in your school, we would be more than happy to carry out our sessions as normal and show the inspectors how much culture capital we bring to your classes. Our staff members would also talk to the inspectors about what they have been covering with your classes to assist your subject leaders in their task.

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Our Planning

Our planning document clearly shows learning objectives and outcomes for every lesson, outlining differentiation between your higher and lower ability students. The curriculum links and overviews document we supply, briefly outlines what your children are being taught and clearly outlines what national curriculum points are hit during each level. At the back of this document you will find a curriculum matrix where all the information is consolidated for every level. This makes it clear for your subject leader to understand and have a simple point of reference. This is accessible by logging into your school portal via the planning email we issue at the time of booking.

We supply detailed planning for every unit of every subject we teach. When you book you receive a planning email which shows which unit each year group will be doing each half term for every subject. Simply click the link on the planning email to view the planning document for that unit through your school portal. These document will explain what they are doing lesson by lesson, explain how it links to the National Curriculum, detail the learning objectives, offer differentiated learning outcomes and outline keywords. They also include progression for future years.

Planning Supplied for PPA Cover

  • All Lessons Linked to the National Curriculum
  • Curriculum Matrix and overviews supplied
  • EYFS, Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Instructor feedback available via school portal
View Sample Planning

View Sample Curriculum Overview & Matrix

Our Staff

Our staff are experienced instructors or teachers that deliver PPA Cover day in day out. In addition to following our lesson plans and having our resources, they also have access to the Junior Jam App. This allows them to electronically access lesson plans, complete class evaluations and keep you and the Junior Jam management up to date with their progress.

Our Staff


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