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Multi Academy Trusts

Working in partnership with Multi Academy Trusts is a key part of what we do at Junior Jam. Working within schools and cultivating a trusted relationship across an academy is of utmost importance and value to our staff and the schools' staff alike.

We currently work with many Multi Academy Trusts across the country and have worked with a vast number of them over Junior Jam's 20 years of business. Most schools we have operated within, have very kindly recommended our services to other primary schools either locally or within their MAT. This has then led to a continued working relationship with several schools across a Trust and has meant we have been able to provide years of PPA Cover for MATs on a national scale. A prime example would be Cidari, a Trust we have worked in partnership with for multiple academic years, and another would be Triumph, as seen in the video below with both Alderman's Green & Courthouse Green's head teachers testifying to their satisfaction with what we deliver and how we operate.

Collaborating with Multi Academy Trusts enables us to offer our carefully curated curriculum across an academy as a whole, streamlining a linear learning process adopted by all schools within a MAT, aligning with each Trust's core values. It also offers the opportunity for different schools within the same MAT to complete PPA at the same time. It also ensures that the curriculum taught within schools across the MAT is consistent.

“Junior Jam deliver a progressive curriculum with a wide range of skills being taught and instruments being covered. Children across all year groups love their Junior Jam Music lessons.” - Jenny Tegerdine

Alderman's Green Triumph Multi Academy Trust

“The curriculum areas have been covered in a really progressive, sequential way, meaning the children have had a really high-quality learning experience. The quality and precision of what has been taught means the children have made progress in the subject.” - Sarah Malam

Courthouse Green Triumph Multi Academy Trust

Some of the Multi Academy Trusts we currently work with

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