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Junior Jam provides exciting teaching opportunities within Computing, Music, Languages, PE and Performing Arts. Our company accepts qualified and unqualified teachers to teach in primary schools nationwide offering competitive rates of pay. It’s a great way to get into teaching as we provide training. If you are an experienced teacher, our pre-planned lessons make teaching much simpler and reduce the workload.

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Once you start a position with in Junior Jam, you will be provided with full lesson plans, resources, and equipment to fulfil your role as well as in depth training - if you require it. At Junior Jam you will be assigned a designated subject leader, and you will receive access to support and advice from high quality and experienced colleagues. There will be opportunities for professional development as Junior Jam continually updates its subjects and learning platform, to make fun and engaging lessons. We are also keen to promote opportunities for developing potential leaders within the company.

So, if you specialise in ICT, Photography, Graphic Design, Game Design, Media, Music, French, Spanish, Sports, Drama, Dance, Martial Arts or Performing Arts we may just have the perfect teaching job for you. Visit our recruitment page to see our current vacancies!

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Greater Manchester French Instructor

Since September 2019, including during Lockdown period, I have worked with more than 10 different schools, in various locations of Greater Manchester, mainly as a French instructor (my first language) but also as a Spanish instructor.

The lesson plans provided are very detailed, easy to follow, we are guided step-by-step for each session & each activity. It requires a minimum of preparation but involves a lot of fun as there are a wide range of games, songs and stories to juggle with; I am also given the opportunity & freedom to use my own ideas, which is very helpful. The lessons have been updated this year, freshened-up to adapt latest Curriculum requirements, and the use of cartoon characters that are in trend at the moment helps keep pupils curious & interested.


Greater London Area Manager

I am Zoë, the Southern Area Manager for Junior Jam, responsible for overseeing operations in the London, Essex, and Surrey areas. My background is in music and performing arts, and I have received specialised training in these fields. Additionally, I am able to teach Physical Education and Media.

Every day in this role brings new and exciting opportunities, whether it's exploring unfamiliar locations or showcasing the exceptional services provided by Junior Jam. However, the most rewarding aspect of working with Junior Jam is inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I feel fortunate to work alongside a team of remarkable and friendly professionals, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting personally.


West Yorkshire Music Instructor & Content Developer

I'm Joe, a Content Developer and occasional Cover Instructor at Junior Jam. My role involves crafting dynamic and informative content for our team and the kids we work with, while also covering sessions across Yorkshire and surrounding areas. It's an incredibly fulfilling job – Junior Jam allows me to be creative, deliver exciting learning experiences, and spark creativity in young minds through engaging content and interactive sessions. I began my journey with Junior Jam in 2020 as a Music Instructor. My passion is music, and right from the start, Junior Jam has enabled me to express this passion, sharing the art of music with children through dynamic activities and courses such as Songwriting with Glockenspiels, African Drumming, Music Theory with Keyboards and more. This experience has not only equipped me with the confidence and language to lead PPA cover sessions but has also empowered me to speak confidently before large groups of people.

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