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How We Work

How we work

We understand that schools and their needs are unique so our friendly staff work hard to familiarise themselves with how your school would like us to deliver the cover. We aim to build and sustain ongoing relationships with your teachers and senior leaders to maintain a high standard of provision, and adapt to any possible changes or responsibilities that naturally occur in education.

Our partner schools are provided with consistent, dedicated Junior Jam teachers or instructors who will deliver diverse and innovative lessons. We provide schools access to an online portal that enables their staff to view all of the planning, upload any specific requirements and view the outcomes of their pupils’ learning.

Consideration is given to room allocation, meaning that lessons can take place in the hall, classroom, ICT suite and outdoors. We are open to new ideas and concepts, and our staff are able to adapt to the changing conditions of the many schools we provide a service for. Our ability to do this has enabled us to provide a more effective and tailored service for our partner schools and their pupils.

Junior Jam offer the optional extra of reporting and assessment, where we will give a grade to each child at the end of each half term. In the final half term, we can provide an electronic written report on each child, which can be added to their annual school report. Our instructors are more than happy to discuss the progress and attainment of a child or a class, and welcome any feedback given.

Upon placing an order with us, we will supply you with an order confirmation that details each session and the units and levels covered within it. The activity schedule will also detail the member of staff and their DBS number. We invoice on a half-termly basis; we will send an invoice at the start of each half term for the lessons which fall within it.

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