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Area Manager's Assemble!

Introducing the 4 pillars of the Junior Jam Area Management community!

Published on: 23 Nov, 2023
New Online Staff Training

Introducing Junior Jam online staff training for 2023/2024!

Published on: 09 Nov, 2023
Welcoming Andrew

Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm the PPA cover manager

Published on: 26 Sep, 2022
Goodbye to the 2022 Summer Holiday Clubs

Today marks the final day of Junior Jam's 2022 Summer Holiday Clubs.

Published on: 26 Aug, 2022
Holiday Club Taste Tests 2022

This year we have introduced a new holiday club activity - A Blind Taste Test

Published on: 04 Aug, 2022
Meet the newest member of the office team, Charlotte

Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte, the HR Administrator at Junior Jam!

Published on: 31 May, 2022
iCSI Training

With academic year coming to an end, we prepare to turn pupils into crime scene investigators...

Published on: 26 May, 2022
Welcoming Fraser

Hi I'm Fraser read about my first term at Junior Jam!!

Published on: 05 Apr, 2022
Creating The Future Of Music Producers - Our iJam Course

This is my (Mr Webb's) breakdown of the last term teaching our iJam course, what I taught in each level and some examples of the amazing work created by some of...

Published on: 16 Nov, 2021
Training and The New Term

Read all about how we got on at our in-person training in London and Coventry and how we are welcoming in the new term.

Published on: 07 Sep, 2021
Holiday Club at Wooldale Community Centre

I spent last week at Wooldale Community Centre for the Holiday Club funded by Kirklees Council. Read Jess' blog to see what they got up to!

Published on: 01 Sep, 2021
Introducing Jessica

Hi, I am Jessica. I am the new Junior Music and Media Manager here at Junior Jam. Read my blog to learn more about me and my first few weeks in the office.

Published on: 31 Aug, 2021
Strike a pose….Photoshoot!

This week we had a photographer visit some of our Holiday Clubs to take some professional photos. Read about how it went!

Published on: 13 Aug, 2021
Our Time at Westminster C of E Primary!

Read Hannah's blog all about how the last few weeks at Westminster Primary School working at the summer holiday clubs based in Bradford have gone.

Published on: 09 Aug, 2021
Ready, Set, Jam!

Class Jam, our brand new, fun and exciting music course is ready to be rolled out to schools! Read about the inspiration behind the course, what to expect and...

Published on: 23 Jul, 2021

Junior Jam Summer clubs have officially begun. I even got to experience my first one. Read my blog to find out how it went and what the clubs are all about.

Published on: 21 Jul, 2021
Summer Holiday Clubs Return!

After being hit by the pandemic last year we are thrilled that we are back doing what we do best…Summer Holiday Clubs! We are in the final stages of putting...

Published on: 01 Jul, 2021
Introducing Ukuleles!

Louis introduces the new Ukulele course for September 2021

Published on: 06 May, 2021
Class Jam Update!

Class Jam: Progress, planning and the first trail session.

Published on: 04 May, 2021
Introducing Class Jam!

Check out this new blog that talks about our exciting new course Class Jam as well as the new instruments being added to our music courses for September 2021...

Published on: 01 Apr, 2021
Welcoming Pupils Back To School

Junior Jam is excited to welcome pupils back to school!

Published on: 03 Mar, 2021
How we managed Lockdown 3.0

Read all about what we have done during Lockdown 3.0. We have had a very productive 7 weeks creating weekly online learning videos for all the schools which we...

Published on: 02 Mar, 2021
Jamf Schools, purchased from We are Sync formally GMB Digital Technologies Ltd

We use Jamf Schools, purchased from We are Sync formally GMB Digital Technologies Ltd to manage our iPads. Here is how we have found the system

Published on: 01 Mar, 2021
Free Online Learning Youtube Video

During Lockdown we will uploading FREE videos to YouTube so your children can enjoy diverse lessons. We have KS1 & KS2 music videos, French & Spanish,...

Published on: 22 Jan, 2021
Working for Junior Jam

Ben has been an iMedia Instructor at Junior Jam for over 3years. This is how he has found working for us!

Published on: 20 Jan, 2021
Online Learning with Junior Jam!

Read all about our new online learning videos which we have created for our pupils who are learning remotely from home.

Published on: 15 Jan, 2021
My first half term as a Junior Jam Media Tutor!

Jake talks about his first half term as a media tutor for Junior Jam

Published on: 16 Dec, 2020
Welcoming The new Junior Cover Manager Jack!

Here is my blog which is all about my first couple of weeks in my new role at Junior Jam!

Published on: 07 Dec, 2020
Review of Caltech IT (CRM) in Batley WF17

Review of Caltech IT (CRM) in Batley WF17, who host our Dynamics CRM 2016. We have been with them for 3years

Published on: 22 Nov, 2020
Remote Staff Training

With social distancing guidelines still in place, Louis talks about how we have adapted our staff training programs for the future.

Published on: 19 Nov, 2020
Hello I'm Neve!

Hello I'm Neve, I'm finishing my third week here in the office. Read my blog below to find out more about me and to see how I'm getting along at Junior Jam.

Published on: 30 Oct, 2020
Jessie’s First Half Term of 2020!

First half term is complete, here is a little insight into what I taught in iMedia!

Published on: 29 Oct, 2020
My First Half Term ......done!

Louis looks back over his first half term in the office, and what the pupils have achieved.

Published on: 27 Oct, 2020
We Are Back!

After an incredibly busy summer, we are happy to be back in schools!

Published on: 07 Sep, 2020
Working through COVID-19!

Hi I'm Adele, the team leader for iMedia in the West Midlands. I have written a blog all about working in schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The year...

Published on: 12 Aug, 2020
London Visit 30th July

On the 30th July myself and Emily visited East London to meet with some potential new staff members. Performing interviews and viewing ID gave us the...

Published on: 10 Aug, 2020
The first week of our Holiday Club at Frizinghall Primary School

Today marks the end of the first week of our Holiday Club at Frizinghall Primary School in Bradford. Read my blog below to find out what I have been up to this...

Published on: 07 Aug, 2020
My first year at Junior Jam!

Hi I'm Shaun, I have written a blog all about my first year as an iMedia Instructor at Junior Jam.

Published on: 04 Aug, 2020
Farewell from Luke

Luke is leaving the office team to continue full time Senior Workshop Leader

Published on: 31 Jul, 2020
Hi I'm Jess

Hi I'm Jess, I am new at Junior Jam and would love to tell you all about my first week.

Published on: 28 Jul, 2020
Holiday Club 2020

Holiday Club St Clare's 2020 Overview.

Published on: 27 Jul, 2020
iPad Updates & Preparation for September

Overview of how we have refreshed and updated our iPad sets here at Junior Jam in preparation for September.

Published on: 16 Jul, 2020
Catch up Funding for schools is an Amazing oppotunity

Junior Jam can be part of your school's Catch Up Plan

Published on: 10 Jul, 2020
iTech  - A summary of each level

This is the Sixth and final blog in our iMedia Summary series. Typically taught in HT6 this blog lays out what tasks and activities are taught in our iTech...

Published on: 26 Jun, 2020
Introducing Jessie

Hey, I’m Jessie, one of the two new Junior Music and Media Manager’s here at Junior Jam! It is the beginning of my second week here so I thought I could start...

Published on: 23 Jun, 2020
My first week at Junior Jam

This week was my first week as one of the new Music and Media managers, enjoy getting to know a little bit more about myself!

Published on: 19 Jun, 2020
iCommunicate - A summary of each level

This is the Firth blog in this series. Typically taught in HT5 this blog lays out what tasks and activities are taught in our iCommunicate courses. iCommunicate...

Published on: 10 Jun, 2020
iCreate - A summary of each level

This is the fourth blog in this series. Typically taught in HT4 this blog lays out what tasks and activities are taught in our iCreate courses. iCreate is...

Published on: 04 Jun, 2020
iAnimate / iOffice - A summery of each level

Visit our third blog in the series about our new iMedia curriculum. Typically taught in HT3 this course feature Animation for Foundation & KS1, and Office 365...

Published on: 28 May, 2020
iProgram - A summary of each level

This blog talks about what pupils will learn in our iProgram PPA Cover courses.

Published on: 15 May, 2020
Big Changes Ahead !

At Junior Jam even though our staff are still hard at work within school, here at the office were using this time to make some big changes. We've made changes...

Published on: 15 Apr, 2020
Our 1st Facebook LIVE

We went live for the first time ever on Facebook today....Here's how it went.

Published on: 02 Apr, 2020
Deep Diving from Home

Working on deep dive material from home.

Published on: 31 Mar, 2020
iJam - A summary of each level

A summary of all levels and all Key-Stages of iJam

Published on: 13 Mar, 2020
Coronavirus planning

How Junior Jam have been effected by the Coronavirus and our plans

Published on: 11 Mar, 2020
Easter Holiday Clubs 2020

We are running holiday clubs over the Easter Holiday

Published on: 10 Mar, 2020
Badsley Primary School Holiday Club

This week we are running a holiday club at Badsley Primary School

Published on: 18 Feb, 2020
iDesign Half term 3

My half term teaching iDesign PPA Cover

Published on: 18 Feb, 2020
SMART PPA - Carousel Cover

Junior Jam offer SMART PPA - Carousel PPA Cover where multiple staff cover classes at the same time

Published on: 14 Feb, 2020
How we can help you with your OFSTED Deep Dive

Here is everything we provide our schools to help them with their OFSTED deep dive into the subjects we cover.

Published on: 11 Feb, 2020
February Half Term Holiday Clubs

We are looking forward to running some holiday clubs over February Half Term

Published on: 31 Jan, 2020
Music Competition

Our Music instructors entered your schools into a music competition. Here's how everyone did.....

Published on: 16 Jan, 2020
New Year New School in Plymouth

Our Plymouth SMART PPA carousel team started at St Paul's RC Primary School in Plymouth today, take a look and read through how they enjoyed their first day.

Published on: 14 Jan, 2020
First week back - PPA Cover - iDesign

It was my first week back this week. Covering PPA with iDesign

Published on: 10 Jan, 2020
Why diversity in PE is important

We offer the largest range of sports and activities of any PPA provider, and for a very good reason

Published on: 08 Jan, 2020
New Year, New Starters

Helping our new staff settle in to a new year of PPA cover teaching

Published on: 08 Jan, 2020
New Photoshoot Preview

Here is a sneak peek at some of the photos from the activity day. They will be a part of our website very soon!

Published on: 12 Dec, 2019
New Marketing Videos

The new marketing videos are almost ready!

Published on: 11 Dec, 2019
Christmas Music Competition

It is now over to our Music instructors for a festive competition

Published on: 06 Dec, 2019
The new photoshoot images are ready!

Following the Activity Day at Horsforth Featherbank we now have the images back from the photographer!

Published on: 05 Dec, 2019
iJam Competition Winners

The winners of the iJam Competition have been decided

Published on: 27 Nov, 2019
Horsforth Featherbank Activity Day 2

Here is what happened during the morning of our activity day at Horsforth Featherbank Primary School

Published on: 27 Nov, 2019
Introducing the first iJam Competition!

We have been running a competition to find the best piece of music created last half term

Published on: 18 Nov, 2019
Horsforth Featherbank Activity Day

Curtis is part of the office team and was present on the activity day at Horsforth Featherbank Primary. He shared his thoughts on how he felt the day went

Published on: 14 Nov, 2019
Sandhill Primary School Holiday Club

What was happening at the Sandhill Primary School Holiday Club?

Published on: 13 Nov, 2019
PPA Cover - iProgram - Half Term 2

Starting off the second half term with iProgram

Published on: 13 Nov, 2019
Activity Day and Photoshoot

We provided a free day of activities at Horseforth Featherbank Primary School, and had a professional photographer take photos and videos for our new marketing...

Published on: 11 Nov, 2019
Mr iPad Man

Abdul has become a superhero in the primary school he is working in!

Published on: 28 Oct, 2019
End of Autumn Half Term 1

See what happened this half term.

Published on: 28 Oct, 2019
A Day in the Midlands

A day spent in the midlands visiting our imedia PPA cover teachers

Published on: 24 Oct, 2019
iMedia PPA Cover taster session in Leeds

Delivering a taster lesson in computing and ICT at a school in Leeds.

Published on: 22 Oct, 2019
My first half term at Junior Jam

Our newest Music Instructor Kelly has written all about her first half term with Junior Jam and the amazing success she's had teaching African Drums.

Published on: 22 Oct, 2019
What it is like to teach at Junior Jam

Dylan teaches languages in the West Midlands and wanted to share how he feels teaching at Junior Jam

Published on: 21 Oct, 2019
Junior Jam First Month Back

Maria-Gabriela explains what it is like teaching Spanish at Junior Jam

Published on: 15 Oct, 2019
Engaging with Music Theory

Music Theory can be a difficult subject to get your head around, which can sometimes lead to children being a little disengaged. Our Newest Music Instructor...

Published on: 09 Oct, 2019
iMedia PPA cover continues

My Computing PPA Cover continues throughout half-term 1

Published on: 04 Oct, 2019
Another New Instrument

Junior Jam are now offering courses on Indian Dhol drumming. New this academic year 2019/20.

Published on: 04 Oct, 2019
PPA Carousel Taster in Birmingham

A day teaching Music, Computing and PE at a school in Birmingham.

Published on: 30 Sep, 2019
New faces and slightly older faces

Greater Manchester team leader, Pete, describes his first month back teaching PPA cover at Junior Jam.

Published on: 26 Sep, 2019

New for academic year 2019/20 – Boomwhackers. At junior Jam we have a new and exciting instrument to offer our schools for their PPA Cover needs!

Published on: 23 Sep, 2019
Junior Jam PPA Cover Team Teaches and Observations

I spent 3 days in London helping our new staff settle in and couldn't be more pleased.

Published on: 17 Sep, 2019
First Week Back in West Yorkshire teaching Computing PPA Cover

My first week back teaching computing PPA cover in my Leeds, Bradford & Batley schools

Published on: 17 Sep, 2019
First Week Back Teaching PPA Cover

Team teaching in London with our new PPA Cover teachers

Published on: 10 Sep, 2019
Holiday Activities and Food Programme Evaluation Summer 2019

Junior Jam have now finished working on the Holiday Hunger Project, which targeted FSM children, also known as, Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAFP)....

Published on: 06 Sep, 2019
On the Road again

Read all about my trip to London with Katy and Tom to meet all the new staff, and some old ones to get ready for the year of PPA cover ahead.

Published on: 03 Sep, 2019
Summer is Over, PPA Cover Recruitment is Complete

Katy here again, read all about my summer of Recruitment, Inductions and Training for all our Amazing New PPA Cover Teachers.

Published on: 03 Sep, 2019
Claire’s Junior Jam Holiday Club Summer

A good bye from the staff working on the Holiday Hunger Holiday clubs project

Published on: 31 Aug, 2019
Back to PPA Cover

Going back to school next week to cover for PPA

Published on: 30 Aug, 2019
Summer Staff Training For PPA Cover

Summer staff training for new and existing staff teaching PPA Cover.

Published on: 30 Aug, 2019
Summer Holiday Clubs Week 6

The final week of the Summer clubs

Published on: 30 Aug, 2019



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