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Junior Jam Summer Holiday Clubs

Holiday Cubs by Junior Jam

My week of Sports PPA Cover

My name is James, I am the sports co-ordinator at Junior Jam, read my Blog post to find out about my week covering sports PPA Cover.

Emily's PPA Cover sessions (Music and iMedia)

This week I’ve been out of the office covering a staff illness. While I enjoy like being in the office creating lessons plans for our PPA Cover and recruiting our new staff, I have really loved being back in a classroom. I taught at two schools over the two days of PPA Cover; Lydgate Primary school in Dewsbury covering singing, and Beacon Street Primary school in Bolton covering iMedia. I absolutely loved it, have a look at what I got up to.

Why our Schools LOVE iMedia

I’m Emily, my role at Junior Jam is Head of Music, Media and The Arts. Read my first ever blog post to find out why Children in the schools we work with are loving our iMedia PPA Cover.

New Apps for iMedia

We've got some exciting new apps all ready for the new academic year. Read all about it here on the Junior Jam Blog.

It’s recruitment season!

I’m Katy and my role at Junior Jam is head of our excellent Modern Foreign Languages and Sport departments - which includes all aspects of Physical Education, including dance and even martial arts and boxercise!

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