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Junior Jam Activity Days & Weeks have been designed with schools in mind to offer activities that are enjoyable, dynamic and progressive. Here at Junior Jam we take over the planning of the theme from the moment of booking, and deliver it quickly and cost effectively.

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Should you wish to have a day ? or number of days ? where you would like to offer your pupils something different to what they would normally be used to in school, then you need look no further than Junior Jam. We offer a range of activities and workshops that are specifically designed to run from a day up to a full week, which are fun, engaging and unique. We can send a number of instructors who specialise in different subjects on the same day, so that classes can rotate around our staff and children can experience a variety of sessions.

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To make a booking with Junior Jam, all you need to provide us with is the following information: activity required (e.g. street dance), start date, possible student numbers and if you require a six-week or ten-week block. Our friendly, professional staff will do the rest.

For more information or a Quote, please email at info@juniorjam.co.uk

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