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Activity Days

Junior Jam Activity Days

Junior Jam Activity Days & Weeks have been designed with schools in mind to offer activities that are enjoyable, dynamic and progressive. Here at Junior Jam we take over the planning of the theme from the moment of booking, and deliver it quickly and cost effectively.

Special day? Special treatment

Should you wish to have a day ? or number of days ? where you would like to offer your pupils something different to what they would normally be used to in school, then you need look no further than Junior Jam. We offer a range of activities and workshops that are specifically designed to run from a day up to a full week, which are fun, engaging and unique. We can send a number of instructors who specialise in different subjects on the same day, so that classes can rotate around our staff and children can experience a variety of sessions.

CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)


CSI combines science and forensic investigation with a creative twist. Students will all have a part to play in solving one of our three cases, where they will conduct forensic and detective training before analysing a crime scene. When students enter the crime scene, they dust for fingerprints and take blood samples, then conduct interrogations and interviews to determine the culprit.

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International Days & Weeks


Junior Jam offer an International package where a number of workshops are available, focusing on countries from all over the world. The day can be split into hourly sessions so that in each hour a different class can participate. Each one hour workshop gives a brief overview of the country, the cultural relevance of the activity and a traditional workshop from that country. This is a fantastic way for children to learn about the historical and modern culture and way of life of a certain country, or number of countries, in a concise and exciting way.

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Our iExperience days offer your pupils the opportunity to work on Apple iPads and be entrepreneurs, plan a space mission or become crime scene investigators for the day. It is a school day like no other, and is perfect for themed days and weeks such as Technology Week, Space Week or Science Week. Children can explore whole new worlds and experiences without having to leave the classroom, and will get to see what it is like to have a career in an exciting profession.

Enterprise Days Science Days Space Days Technology Days



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