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My week of Sports PPA Cover

My week of Sports PPA Cover

Last Updated: 06 Aug, 2019

My name is James, I am the sports co-ordinator at Junior Jam. For some children Sports PPA cover is the only access to exercise they will have all week, so it is essential that the quality of the lesson be excellent. To do this we need to ensure that the core areas of the National Curriculum are covered and that the specific skills are taught in a variety of different sports. Last week I attended Lapage Primary school in Bradford, Lepton Primary school in Huddersfield, and Stansfield Hall CofE Primary school in Rochdale. Lapage Primary on Tuesday were in the middle of their half term of Football. In this session I worked with three year 1’s classes over an afternoon, focusing on dribbling around cones and shooting into a goal. The next session I did was on Wednesday afternoon at Lepton Primary with Year 5. As this school was studying Athletics, I could choose anything from the varied sport to do with the class. Lepton took part in 3 activities throughout the course of their lesson. First part of the session was a javelin competition to see who could throw the furthest. During this exercise the focus was on perfecting their throwing technique to gain distance. In the same session the children took part in various relay races. In the final exercise the children at Lepton participated in was a game of Kick Rounders. The purpose of the game is the same as rounders but instead of hitting a ball with a bat, they kick the ball. My finally session of the week was on Thursday at Stansfield Hall Church of England Primary school. In this session I work with Year 5 doing
Boxercise. To start off with this session I pick various children to lead a warmup exercise, the warmup was comprised of exercises they have done throughout the half term plus a few of their own improvised moves. Due to the small space in the hall, the children worked in small groups and worked on their combos of Jab and Cross, Hooks and Upper Cuts.

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