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 Published On: 27 Mar, 2024

World Theatre Day!

And here we have World Theatre Day 2024! This year’s theme celebrates ‘Theatre and a culture of Peace’.

Since 1961, the International Theatre Institute has celebrated the importance of World Theatre Day. This day has been historic in commemorating the various art forms that encompass the world of Theatre and the celebrations that the day holds.

Professional and Amateur Theatre Companies alike will be hosting performances for this now Internationally celebrated day, with some currently running productions offering discounted performances to encourage more people to experience the joy that is going to the Theatre!

Many of our staff at Junior Jam, both in office and teaching staff, have been highly trained in Performing Arts and have performed on prestigious stages throughout their performing careers; having performed at local theatres, such as Bradford Alhambra, in the West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre and at acclaimed Festivals around the UK, such as Move It! and the internationally recognised, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Performing Arts is a pivotal course we offer at Junior Jam in many ways, as we offer the chance for schools to learn the 3 main disciplines associated with putting a piece of theatre together during the run up to the Summer 2 term. Singing, Dancing & Drama are all covered in our Performing Arts curriculum and is set out in our yearly plan, so that the classes will end the academic year, with a musical being taught in the final term, to encompass all of the disciplines taught throughout the year. The multi-disciplinary approach offers students the opportunity to develop learning methods that will benefit them across the wider curriculum.

As we are now approaching Summer 2, some schools will be partaking in The Lion King and others, Aladdin. These 2 musicals see the end of year work of our Performing Arts courses, to really immerse the pupils with the skills they have learnt in a Theatre setting. The Performing Arts course has been designed to be multi-levelled, to ensure that each child from Reception all the way up to Year 6, will see a different level of the Performing Arts course throughout their primary education; to learn new skills not only each term, but each academic year.

The basis of the Performing Arts courses we offer, as it’s an art form based around freedom of expression and vulnerability, enables students to attain key life skills, such as; confidence building, working together as a team or group, as well as instilling social skills and the ability to articulate yourself. Communication is a huge part of the Performing Arts curriculum, seeing Students being able to express themselves in a creative and verbal manner helps them in their further education and also in their everyday life.

We stand with all Theatre professionals, amateurs, teachers, theatre-goers and celebrate this wonderful and unique day. After all; All the Worlds a Stage!

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