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Dance & Drama

Dance & Drama Classes

Junior Jam run Street Dance, Break Dance and Performing Arts classes from our studio in Wyke. We offer classes for children aged 5 to 14 years old; these classes are suitable for beginners to more advanced students.

Break Dance

Ages: 7 - 12yrs
Break Dance is a type of street dance that comes from the Hip Hop culture of New York. Break dance is acrobatic in nature and focuses mainly on techniques and less on choreographed routines. When we deliver our sessions we choose techniques that are safe for the young people. Students can expect to work on techniques like 'Toprock', 'Downrock' and 'Freezes'.

Street Dance

Ages: 7 - 12yrs
Street Dance is a fusion of different styles that originated on the streets in USA. Hip Hop culture is a strong influence, with styles such as 'Lockin and Poppin', 'Jerking' and 'Krumping'. Junior Jam teaches the technical elements of all these styles alongside commercial choreography and routines.

Disney Dance & Singing

Ages: 5 - 10yrs
Junior Jam are able to offer students the chance to take part in creative and interactive workshops whilst developing their acting, singing and dancing skills. The children will begin with a selection of fun games to increase energy levels and confidence within the group, before moving onto shorter tasks which involve improvisation and active learning. Drama helps to build self-esteem and confidence. Many children benefit from these sessions as they can apply and adapt real life situations to class theory. Role play enhances speaking and listening skills which, in turn, complement and improve curricular work.

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