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CSI (Crime
Scene Investigation)

CSI combines science and forensic investigation with a creative twist. Students will all have a part to play in solving one of our three cases, where they will conduct forensic and detective training before analysing a crime scene. When students enter the crime scene, they dust for fingerprints and take blood samples, then conduct interrogations and interviews to determine the culprit.

Level 1 - CSI Murder Mystery
level 1

In our CSI Murder Mystery, students will partake in forensic and detective training before being assigned a case to solve.

Experiments include:
Dusting for Fingerprints, Bullet Trajectory, Becoming a Human Lie Detector and Case Studies.

Level 2 - CSI Burglary
level 1

In CSI Burglary, students will leap straight into training before entering the crime scene of a burglary, but is everything as it seems?

Experiments include:
Fingerprint Fuming, Handwriting Analysis, Foot Profiling and Advanced Dusting for Fingerprints. Students will investigate the crime scene before appealing for witnesses by creating a crime reconstruction and creating E-Fits.

Level 3 - CSI Disappearance
level 1

The CSI Disappearance is different to our other CSI packages. Students will be given a brief with all of the evidence and then they will be given the task to trace back what happened. This will include profiling the victim and suspects. This is a mystery that will require teamwork, expert problem solving and logical thinking.

Experiments include:
Profiling, Forensic Linguists, Forensic Dentistry and Ink Chromatography. Skills acquired in CSI levels 1 and 2 will also be key to solving this case.

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