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 Published On: 24 Nov, 2023

Area Manager's Assemble!

As well as having a wide range of teaching staff up and down the Country, we also have our wonderful Area Managers, who together ensure that our staff are regularly supported, upskilled, and thriving in their respective schools & subjects.

We have four key areas of the Country in terms of management responsibility: West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, The Midlands and the South. Meaning we have 4 fantastic Managers to introduce you to.

Starting with Junior Jam HQ’s Home County of West Yorkshire, we have Manager, Andrew:

My name is Andrew and here at Junior Jam, I work as the PPA cover manager! Over the last 18 months or so, there have been many amazing places and schools I have been fortunate to work in. What I love most about this job is seeing pupils succeed in thought-provoking tasks.

This is such a privilege that I get to experience every single day and is what gets me up in the morning. The schools I teach in usually cover the Yorkshire area, however, having travelled to the northwest of England and the midlands has also allowed me to gain great experience in seeing how so many different schools and teachers across the country teach.

Now in these schools you will find me either teaching media, music, and occasionally P.E., or if it’s lunch somewhere in the staffroom getting to know everyone.

Moving slightly down the UK, we have our Greater Manchester & North West Manager, Conor:

Hi, I'm Conor, I am the Cover Manager for Junior Jam Media and Music Classes in the Greater Manchester Area. I'm from Dublin, so I say my three's like a tree outside!

My background is mainly in music production and teaching a variety of musical instruments! I find teaching very rewarding and believe I would have loved to have such lessons as Junior Jam when I was in primary school! 

Gracing the Midlands with his Presence, we have Shaun:

Salutations, Greetings or as William Shakespeare once said good dawning to thee. My name is Shaun and I am the current Midlands area manager covering everywhere around the West and East Midlands. I have been working for Junior Jam for about three years having started in 2020 and have been Midlands Manager for the past four months.

iMedia is my own specialism and at the moment of writing this blog we are in the midst of iProgram; one of my favourite topics of the year.

It is so great to see all the amazing work our Junior Jam instructors are doing around the schools. It is the best part of my role. In the schools I have visited, the pupils are experiencing some amazing teaching, helping them expand their learning thanks to our instructors. You can tell our instructors are really passionate and care about their subject, whether that is iMedia, Music, Foreign Languages or P.E. So if you are an instructor reading this thank you so much, it is really great to see all of your hard work and dedication!

So feel free to say hello if you see me in your school and don’t panic I am probably there to feedback to Emily, Luke or Rachel how amazing your teaching is.

And last but by no means least, we have our South Manager, Zoe:

I am Zoë, the Southern Area Manager for Junior Jam, responsible for overseeing operations in the London, Essex, and Surrey areas. My background is in music and performing arts, and I have received specialised training in these fields. Additionally, I am able to teach Physical Education and Media.

Every day in this role brings new and exciting opportunities, whether it's exploring unfamiliar locations or showcasing the exceptional services provided by Junior Jam. However, the most rewarding aspect of working with Junior Jam is inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I feel fortunate to work alongside a team of remarkable and friendly professionals, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting personally.

I strive to create an environment where individuals within my area feel comfortable approaching me with any concerns or worries, they may have. My primary objective is to provide unwavering support and assistance wherever possible.

I cannot wait to meet the rest of the team and continue on the success we have already got going.

Together our manager’s represent the key points of contact for our staff in all areas of the country, as well as being shining examples of the hard work and dedication it takes to be a workshop leader for Junior Jam.

Watch this space for future exciting updates on our area managers!

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