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Big Changes Ahead !

Big Changes Ahead !

Last Updated: 15 Apr, 2020

We have decided to take this time to give our iMedia curriculum a makeover. We always try to keep as up to date with OFSTED guidelines as we can and finding new and interesting ways on how we can teach the computing curriculum. Throughout our whole curriculum we strive to keep the National Curriculum at the forefront when planning, so our schools can be safe in the knowledge their children are getting a well-rounded education through Junior Jam during schools PPA time. Our schools love that we can come in and teach the computing curriculum during PPA Cover, as this ensures the pupils get all the knowledge they need and the class teacher doesn’t need to touch upon it again in class time, meaning extra time can be give to other subjects.

From EYFS to Year 6 every level we teach is being looked at to guarantee we are hitting as many National Curriculum points as possible. Once you have placed an order with Junior Jam you will receive a ‘Curriculum links and Overview document’, this is your quick and easy access guide to everything you need to know about what levels hit which National Curriculum points. At the very back of this document is a table to give you an overview of every single level within the Keystage so you can see exactly how our modules progress.



While our iJam and iProgram remains largely untouched, we have created four new units.

  • iOffice. This focuses on providing pupils with the skills they will need to be able to navigate and use programs such as Word, Excel and Keynote. It will also provide our classes with much needed knowledge and guidance about e-safety.
  • iCreate. This unit features some of our favourites, although much improved, from our old levels and combines different art mediums, such as stop motion, graphic design, photography and film editing to name just a few.
  • iCommunicate. This unit, as its name would suggest, looks into all the ways we can communicate and get our point across in the digital age. This module looks at learning about and creating Blogs, Vlogs, Adverts and Websites as well as much more.
  • iTech. This unit is comprised of completely new levels and aims to show pupils the applications that Technology and Programming can have in other situations outside of learning or media. Pupils will look into crime scene investigation, space exploration and controlling external objects.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing blogs about each of our iMedia modules, you may have already seen our March blog about our iJam course. 

Keeps your eyes peeled for our next blog about our iProgram course to find out exactly what your pupils will be doing during the PPA Cover time.


One more thing that we are changing is how much schools can see the progress of their classes. We are introducing online session forms, so that SLT and class teachers will be able to log on to their Junior Jam portal, using their unique username and password, and see week by week if their pupils are achieving the learning objectives. It will also highlight if a session didn’t run and communicate directly to a Junior Jam manager if there are any issues within the class, curriculum or otherwise. We will be highlighting our amazing new systems in new blog tomorrow!

We really feel this move will significantly help any subject leaders when OFSTED comes as it clearly shows all the progress every class has made with Junior Jam.

Look out for our Online Session Form and Course Evaluation blog to find out more about our exciting new portal launching September 2020.


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