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Coronavirus planning

Coronavirus planning

Last Updated: 26 Mar, 2020

The Coronavirus has reached pandemic stage globally, as the UK is now moving from the containment phase to the delay phase of its strategy. As a result Junior Jam have had 5 holiday clubs with the Learners Trust postponed during the Easter holidays, at the request of the schools. These clubs were running in the Rotherham and Derbyshire area and will now run at a different time.

Whilst the Coronavirus is a global issue, currently no Junior Jam staff member has contracted the virus. Should any staff confirm a case of Coronavirus, any school they have been to in the last 7days will be contacted to report the situation. If a Junior Jam staff member is required to self isolate due to contracting the virus or displaying symptoms, we will endeavor to cover that staff member, however if we are unable to cover in this instance we’ll refund or credit any missed lessons. 

Junior Jam staff members have been advised to wash their hands regularly and follow Government advice on how to limit the spread of the infection. We are also advising staff to antibacterial their Junior Jam iPads at the end of each day.

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