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Farewell from Luke

Farewell from Luke

Last Updated: 31 Jul, 2020

Today is my last day working in the office. My time has come to an end. I am transferring to becoming a full time Senior iMedia Instructor for Junior Jam which involves going back to the front lines of teaching in schools. Some of the schools I have been given I am familiar with, so I am excited to get back to teaching some familiar faces. Before that however, I’m teaching at a holiday club next week which will be a change of pace from the office.

A new academic year means a few new faces in our new staff members, eager to get out there and teach, so I will be returning to the office every now and then to train them as and when required.

I’m looking forward to testing out the new PPA cover course that I created iTech Level 1 - iControl which involves learning about the robotics industry and controlling a real-life robot called Sphero mini. Sphero mini is controllable in many different ways via an iPad, you can draw a pattern and the Sphero will take the same route as the drawing. You can use a virtual joystick to move Sphero in any direction. The way we want pupils to learn is to code the Sphero through complex mazes using algorithms to complete the task.

Of course, it has also been that time of the year where we overhaul the iPads. All iPads need clearing, we might need new iPad cases, and to re-label them. Perhaps iPads need new screen protectors and new iPads need enrolling on our remote management system ‘Jamf’. This system allows us to control the iPads, add apps, add pupil restrictions, and just generally monitor the iPads.

I have also been training new staff to take over my position at the office. I have passed the torch to my trusty colleagues Louis & Jessie; they are very friendly and generally helpful. We have been doing the office tasks together so they understand the systems and iPads just as much as I did and can therefore manage the department after I am no longer in the office. iMedia & Music department at Junior Jam is in good hands.
-Luke Harrison

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