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 Published On: 22 Jan, 2021

Free Online Learning Youtube Video

During these times, we understand that providing the engaging lessons we give in a classroom may be a challenge due to school closures. However, we want to give as many schools affiliated with us the full Junior Jam experience, whether that’s in a school or at home. We are currently adapting to these new ways of teaching and this way we can teach the children what we usually offer but can adapt to any school’s safety requirements.

The team at Junior Jam have created online lessons for all four of our departments. Music, Media, MFL and PE. These online lessons we provide will include virtual teaching, fun tasks, and engaging videos as well as creative worksheets, they will be easily accessible and will challenge any children partaking in the lesson but still providing the same level of enjoyment as we would when we teach in schools.

You can see below a FREE lesson that anyone can access on our YouTube channel. This is a taster lesson of what we can provide children online. This lesson is one of our music lessons and is an introduction to the djembe drums delivered by two of our excellent leaders, Miss Harrington, and Mr Flynn. The lesson will go over the culture of African drumming, how this drum is made and some basic techniques of playing the drum that can be recreated at home with no extra equipment. Schools we currently work with will have access to our online videos. These are then passed on to the parents along with the resources that go with the lessons e.g., the worksheets. We are currently in the process of creating many more interactive online lessons. We have created these videos so that no pupils miss out on any vital curriculum and can have the enjoyment of a full Junior Jam lesson but safely at home.

If you are a parent that would love your child to get more content from Junior Jam, please inform your school about us and tell them to click the link attached below. If you are at a school and would like you pupils to receive these fantastic online lessons or want some more information on how to access more content, click the link below and fill out the school form and we will be in contact with your school.

We hope that all the pupils and parents at home enjoy our online learning videos and thank you to our instructors who are having to adapt to this new way of teaching.


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