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Holiday Club 2020

Holiday Club 2020

Last Updated: 27 Jul, 2020

We are officially halfway through our Holiday Club at St Clare’s Primary School in Bradford! Here at Junior Jam we have created a safe and fun Holiday Club environment for children to attend, providing an educational break for pupils within their summer holidays.

Despite the limitations of Covid-19, Junior Jam have created a fun and educational Holiday Club experience, ensuring that all health and safety regulations have been put into place to maintain maximum safety of all pupils and staff. The classes have been separated into ‘bubbles’ and staff have been equipped with the appropriate PPE to ensure that they can stick to Covid-19 social distancing and hygiene regulations.

The holiday club is supported by funding from the department of education that has been given to the primary school, Junior Jam have been able to utilise this funding throughout the holiday club in aim to help tackle Holiday Hunger. Holiday hunger pushes many families into food poverty and insecurity. Although some children from low-income families can access free school meals during term time, there is currently nothing available during holidays. However, with thanks to this funding, Junior Jam have been able to provide all children with a range of healthy and balanced free school lunches throughout the duration of the holiday club.

The two-week club timetable is packed-full of exciting activities for the children to do, including multiple sports sessions: Football, dodgeball, basketball, street dance and break dancing. Along-side these, Junior Jam staff have also been teaching learning sessions using our iPads. In these sessions, the pupils are able to have a go at: Music production, photography, photo editing, collage creation, filming and film editing. These activities have proven super popular, and both utilise and improve pupils’ individual skill sets, as well as their ability to work well in a small team or group, trying out brand new subjects… as well as (most importantly) having fun!

We are really looking forward to this coming week at St Clare’s, and look forward to keeping you up to date with how it is going.

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