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Horsforth Featherbank Activity Day 2

Horsforth Featherbank Activity Day 2

Last Updated: 27 Nov, 2019

As you may have seen from our previous blogs, we did a full day of free activities at Horsforth Featherbank School, and had a professional photographer taking photos and videos throughout the day. If you have not seen this then I suggest taking a look at those blogs, and also following us on our social media channels to see even more about it.

During the day we had several members of our staff teaching a range of different activities, so all children in the school got to take part in an assortment of the different workshops that we offer.

The morning session consisted of African Drumming, iJam, Samba Drumming, French, Keyboards and Capoeira.

African Drumming was delivered by Luke, and the children had a brief introduction about the history of the Djembe drums, how they are made, and the countries where the style of music originates from. It was a very hands on workshop for the children who all had a chance to play the drums as a class and individually.

iJam was taught by Jonathon who was teaching the children how to produce music using the app GarageBand on iPads. Children were given a quick introduction to how the app works and the structure of a song, before creating their own piece of music using loops.

Grace delivered Samba Drumming where again children were given an introduction to the history of Brazilian culture before learning about the different instruments and how to play them. They then performed as a class and individually.

The children learnt some French with Marie that morning. There were songs, games and role-playing activities which were received very well by the children. The energy in the classroom was electric and we saw a lot of the children continuing to speak French throughout the rest of the day.

Keyboards was delivered by Robert where children were given an introduction to playing the keyboard and reading music. A few different songs were focused on and by the end of the sessions some could perform a full piece of music.

Chris has been at Junior Jam over 10 years now, and the children were treated to his amazing Capoeria sessions. Capoeria is a mix between dance and martial arts that originates in Brazil, so Chris gave the children a brief history to how Capoeria originated, and about the country itself. As you can imagine this was a very lively session with plenty of flips and kicks and the children absolutely loved it.

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