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How we managed Lockdown 3.0

How we managed Lockdown 3.0

Last Updated: 02 Mar, 2021

It seems a long time since Lockdown 3.0 and school closures was announced on the 4th January but at Junior Jam we have had a very productive 7 weeks creating weekly online learning videos for all the schools which we provide PPA cover for and we are so pleased with the outcome.

We created a parent’s portal, this is where parents can log in and access our online learning videos which we have created for iMedia, Music, MFL and PE. All the schools which we work with are given a link which is then passed on to the pupil’s parents, so they are then able to access the videos from home.

Over the last 6 weeks we have been working super hard to create online learning videos for all our pupils who are learning from home. We have been creating new videos every week for all four departments. iMedia, Music, MFL and PE. It was really important to us to create these videos and to keep the lessons fun and engaging so that no pupils miss out on any vital curriculum and can have the enjoyment of a full Junior Jam lesson but safely at home. The videos included tasks for the pupils to complete, some of these included worksheets which we also created, and these were sent out with our videos.

When we first started to create these videos, we added a FREE online video to our social media and YouTube page as a taster lesson of what we can provide children online. We also created a link which enabled schools and parents/pupils to fill out a form requesting access to our weekly online learning videos.

After 6 weeks of creating these fun online learning videos we have totalled a huge 73’362 views which we are hugely proud of. We are so pleased that so many of you at home enjoyed the lessons.

We have also created some new content for some of our videos. For Music, we decided to create an Icons lesson. This is a lesson all about Music Icons, past and present. We hosted a poll on our social media to find out who you would like to see featured in our Icons lesson. The winner was Beyonce!

In one of our online PE lessons, we had Mr B and 2 Junior Jam helpers, Ava and Ashton (aged 7 & 9) teaching you all about football skills.

When Lockdown 3.0 and school closures was announced we worked very hard to contact all the schools we work with. Over 85% of the schools still required Junior Jam to attend to live stream lessons from classrooms and also continue to teach any key worker pupils who were still attending school. All of our instructors adapted quickly and brilliantly to this new way of teaching which, no one has had to do before.

Of course, we were very pleased after Boris announced that all schools would re-open to all pupils on the 8th March. All our instructors are ready for another great half term and to welcome all the pupils back into the classroom next week!



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