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 Published On: 11 Jun, 2020

iCommunicate - A summary of each level

iCommunicate is about different levels of technology. The pupils will learn about connection in different ways and being safe on the internet. They will create different types of media, for example they could be designing posters for websites, adverts, publishing, podcasts, vlogs and channels. They will also learn how they collaborate with people from all over the world. These PPA cover session are for all primary school ages and cover early years all the way up to year 6.


Our rCommunicate course has the early years learning about how information can be transferred and what means of communication is the best for different occasions. Pupils are put in contact with an alien who wants to travel to their school. We must see what ‘Alex’ wants at the beginning of each session and update him with an email at the end of each one. This allows ‘Alex’ to ask about earth and through teaching Alex, the pupils are also learning.


iCommunicate Lite Level 1 – iSecure - Pupils will learn the fundamentals of internet/digital device safety. They will be introduced to different real-life scenarios and develop strategies to stay clear of, or deal with, the situation. Pupils will be reminded who they can discuss e-Safety issue with every session to ensure they run into no problems and eventually learn how to take care of these problem themselves in the future.

iCommunicate Lite Level 2 - iConnect - During iConnect, pupils will look at all the ways we can contact someone in this digital era. They will gather ideas about why we want to contact someone and create multimedia communications to send to a recipient. Pupils will recap knowledge from iTech Lite 1 regarding technology that we use to send messages during the 21st Century.


iCommunicate Level 1 – iCollaborate -  All Keystage 2 pupils start iCommunicate with this course the first time they have Junior Jam. Hobbies of young people include listening/watching their favourite podcasters, vloggers or YouTubers which is why in iCollaborate, they get to create their own versions of these things. They get to collaborate with other pupils to produce several multimedia projects. They get to choose a topic, create a podcast, write a blog, turn it into a vlog and design their YouTube channel page.

iCommunicate Level 2 – iPublish - This course involves designing a digital magazine of their own theme and category. Pupils will start by learning about publishing and the magazine industry before analysing some front covers and deciding on their theme. Each group could have a vastly different magazine design since they need to play to the strengths of their chosen theme. For example, a magazine about movies might have many different pictures from particular movies, whereas a fashion magazine might only have a single picture of a model. The features in the magazine are also up to them.

iCommunicate Level 3 – iAdvertise - During this course they will learn about adverts of all types. They will start off by listening to sonic branding and creating a radio advert and will learn that they can’t just show the product to people, they have to describe it, this might even be done with sound effects. They will then move onto TV adverts and how this can differ to creating an audio advert. Finally, students will learn how different adverts can tie into each other before learning about the distribution of them and them best place for them to be.

iCommunicate Level 4 – iGraphics - For the final level of iCommunicate pupils will complete level 4. Pupils will learn why HTML coding is important and learn how to write a basic version of a HTML website. They will then get several design briefs to design and create media aimed at websites or social media. The briefs are then aimed at creating a game where pupils need to design every aspect like the main character, the bad guys and even the blocks that the character walks on. Finally, the pupils must design a website by following a brief.


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