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 Published On: 04 Jun, 2020

iCreate - A summary of each level

iCreate is all about designing and creating different projects like magazines, digital posters, or animations. These PPA cover courses allows the pupils to have creative freedom over their projects and gives them the opportunity to make creative decisions on their own. PPA cover from Junior Jam covers all years of primary school from Reception to Year 6. A breakdown of each Level is listed below.


rCreate covers the foundation and early years classes, pupils will take selfies in photo booth to see if they can make the silliest face, which allows them to be comfortable taking photos with an iPad. They will then move onto creating a cartoon version of themselves and eventually colouring pictures using digital colour to make the picture look very creative.


 iCreate Lite Level 1 - iPhotograph -  They will be given a task each learning session that will relate to taking photos, for example, pupils will be given a list of colours and they have to carefully go around the classroom and photograph something that is that colour. In each of the tasks they need to make sure they photograph the objects correctly, so they don’t appear blurry or too close etc. They will occasionally edit the photos using different methods too.

iCreate Lite Level 2 – iMagazine - Within their second year in Junior Jam, having already completed iCreate Lite Level 1, they will move onto Lite Level 2 . In this PPA cover course, pupils will design a magazine, they will create a different page each week with a focus on a particular subject. For example, they will need to create a sports page where they will photograph themselves pretending to play a sport, then colouring over the top of the photo to add sport equipment and to bring the photo to life.


iCreate Level 1 – iStopMotion - This is the first course that key stage 2 will do. This involves in depth stop-motion animation techniques. The pupils will demonstrate their animation skills before creating a short story using various objects such as Lego or Play-Doh. They will then advance onto using greenscreens to replace the background of the animation and eventually adding sound effects.

iCreate Level 2 – iEdit -  iEdit involves creating music videos. Pupils will learn about fast cutting edits and camera angles. They will then create a short fan made video for a popular ‘Pink’ song before moving onto their main project where they will be creating a music video for the whole song of ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’. They will use a mixture of existing video footage and can also incorporate some of their own footage into the Music Videos.

iCreate Level 3 – Advanced i2D - Pupils will move into 2D hand-drawn picture to create their animations. In this course they will learn the basic principles of 2D animation like ‘squash and stretch’ or compositing drawings onto a background. They will take this knowledge and create their 2D animated final project.

iCreate Level 4 – iDigital - This course involves a few different tasks so that pupils can learn several skills within just one course. They will create a master scene which involves filming one scene from many different angles and editing them together. They will also create gifs, draw 3D shapes, create a cinemograph, and complete some advanced editing to show a phone conversion, almost like a Zoom meeting.


Ultimately students will gain a vast knowledge of creation across many different project types. They will have been creative in doing so and therefore will gain an understanding of the quality of work they should be producing and will appreciate that the longer you spend on a task, the better it will be.

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