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 Published On: 26 May, 2022

iCSI Training

Today we started training our brand new course for the next half term - iCSI Evidence Trace!

A crime has been committed, and its up to the pupils to learn new skills and techniques that will help them solve the mystery! With the pupils being put into various police departments around the world, they will learn what it takes to be a detective. Using police profiles, fingerprint identifcation and witness statements, the pupils will spend the half term gathering evidence, before presenting their case to the class.

One of the most exciting parts about this the extra equipment used. We've been hard at work training our Junior Jam staff to bring this course to life, and that wouldnt be possible without the iCSI box. With unique tools and even evidence for the pupils to look at, it gives a more pratcical side to the Junior Jam lessons that will enhance the experince for our schools. 

We also have our own Junior Jam iCSI app the pupils can asscess themselves! They will be able to identify fingerprints, look at phone evidence, as well as have a go at hacking into locked accounts to gather more evidence and search for clues.

After a full academic year with Junior Jam, we always aim for the last course in summer to be especially exciting for the pupils and this year is no different! We can't wait to see how the pupils react to the course, the work they do, and maybe discover some potential detectives in waiting...

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