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iDesign Half term 3

iDesign Half term 3

Last Updated: 18 Feb, 2020

Our iDesign PPA cover has gone down a treat this past half-term with the year 6 classes creating websites, year 5s designing magazines, year 4 learning the basics of photography and year 3 learning about being safe while on the internet. The children have worked hard to fulfil their respective design briefs and the work they have been create has been outstanding. The iDesign PPA cover involves projects such as creating a magazine. The students must create a front cover, a contents page, a main double spread article and a back page. They need to think about the theme that they are going to use and make sure they stick to that theme. One magazine that stood out to me was a group of two that had completely different ideas and therefore decided to combine football and fashion for the amazing idea of….. wait for it….. Lionel Messi in a dress. Some of the landscape wall art looks phenomenal. Not only were the children taking good photos but they were editing them in ways that improved the photos rather than taking away from them. The thumbnail photo to this blog was taken by Rhea in year 4 at Holy Trinity Rothwell. Internet safety is one of the more important aspects but can be slightly less creative, however the children took to the activities well. After my half-term holiday of teaching holiday clubs and staff training, I will continue my PPA cover with iAnimate, a more creative story driven activity. -Luke

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