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 Published On: 22 Feb, 2024

Introducing Jessica

Hi! I am Jessica, the new Junior Music and Media Manager here at Junior Jam. I have now been here a month so it’s time I introduced myself.

I have always loved music and graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in Music and a MA in Music Psychology last year. I play lots of different instruments, from ukulele to bassoon, and I love writing and arranging film music for bands, orchestras, and choirs. At university, I studied and researched the psychology of music education and how pupils best learn music at different stages. Junior Jam’s courses are extra special because they cater to every ability and age group.

After university, I began working in education and discovered my love for teaching pupils about how interesting music can be and how learning musical skills can help pupils in lots and lots of other different subjects.

In my first few weeks at Junior Jam, I have been working on some of our music courses and adding some exciting new instruments to our song writing lessons. I’ve also been getting all our musical instruments ready to head out to our instructors for a very exciting new academic year.

I have been having a great time working and getting to know everyone in the office, and I am really looking forward to meeting more of our Junior Jam staff in London and the West Midlands for training this week.

Keep an eye out for a blog post about what we got up to at training in the next couple of weeks.


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