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Introducing the first iJam Competition!

Introducing the first iJam Competition!

Last Updated: 18 Nov, 2019

We at Junior Jam are very proud to announce the very first iJam competition!

iJam lessons combine computing and music in an exciting and hands-on fashion using iPads, where we teach children how to create a piece of music using the app GarageBand. Children learn about the structure of song, instrumentation, rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, genre and music from different cultures, audio recording and sound editing. We teach this over a full half term.

Every member of our iMedia staff across the country had to choose what they felt were the best tracks created on GarageBand by the children they had been teaching last half term. Each instructor then sent the tracks to the office and the management team had to first of all choose who would make it on to the shortlist, and then decide on the eventual winners. There is an area winner for London, Midlands and The North.

The three winning children have each won a £20 Amazon voucher for their school to spend how they wish.

This really was so much fun! Over the years we have heard many a great track that had been made by a student and sometimes we were left scratching our heads as to how good some of the tracks have turned out to be. By doing this competition we have had a chance to hear some fantastic work here in the office by some naturally talented young people, and it is nice to reward those students and showcase their work. It is also testament of the good work and teaching of our instructors.

If you are not following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn then go and do that right now as the winning pieces of music will be uploaded very shortly!

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