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Jessie’s First Half Term of 2020!

Jessie’s First Half Term of 2020!

Last Updated: 04 Nov, 2020

The first half-term is officially complete! It has been a great few week and they have absolutely flown by! There have been some real highlights, despite the continuous uncertainty in regards to Covid-19 and the impacts that it has had on schools, all in all, the half-term has been equally challenging, and great fun!

iProgram was the subject taught throughout this first half term, it is a subject that covers a huge variety of super interesting topics. It involves using different programming Apps to develop pupils ability and understanding of different coding languages, such as Blockly – which is a very visual programming language, and Swift – a written programming language.

Key stage 1 classes built up to creating different shapes using an App named Hopscotch, as well as understanding the reason and benefits of using repeats within their code. Along with this, the classes programmed their very own storyboard using an App called Scratch Jr.

Within the Key stage 2 classes, pupils learnt some more complex coding and were introduced to key words such as ‘Conditionals’, ‘Variables’ and ‘Syntax’. In the final few sessions, pupils began creating their own ‘Space Invaders’ or ‘Endless Runner’ game, it was fantastic to see the progress that the pupils had made throughout the half term, and it was great to see the enthusiasm and creativity shown when creating their very own games.

I am excited to get back in the classroom teaching iJam this next half term, which is a variety of Music production sessions… Bring it on!

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