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 Published On: 19 Jun, 2020

My first week at Junior Jam

My name is Louis and I’m one of the two new Junior Music and Media managers here at Junior Jam! I thought I’d take the time today to quickly say a few things about me, as well as my first week in the office.

Like a lot of staff here, music has always been a big passion of mine, and I graduated from Leeds College of Music with a degree in Popular Music in 2017. It was in few years after coming out of University that I discovered an interest in teaching and started part time work teaching high school children music performance and doing some instrument tuition.

I started teaching for Junior Jam in early 2019 and was completely blown away by the scope and detail of the lessons. Being able to give children the opportunity to learn about musical theory, animation and graphic design was really special, and something I never had when I was at school. I think a lot of us are jealous of the technology that children have at their fingertip’s tips today, so teaching them about it at that early stage will do nothing but expand their knowledge and skill as they get older.

Now that I’m at the office as a Junior Manager, it’s been great getting stuck into resetting iPads, writing out new learning objectives, and finding new and creative ways to help our staff with their teaching. As the school year comes to an end, we’re busy reviewing and improving all of our equipment for next year, which is sure to be the best year for Junior Jam yet!

- Louis

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