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New Marketing Videos

New Marketing Videos

Last Updated: 11 Dec, 2019

We have been working really hard over the last couple of months to continue to grow the business and reach even more schools. To do this we are updating our website with new photos and videos. Some of the videos are now ready and you can see these on our social media channels. If you have not done so already, please have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages to keep up to date with everything Junior Jam, and also see some of our new marketing material. The first video has been uploaded and we are delighted with how it has turned out. Links to our channels are below:

Facebook: @JuniorJamHQ




Badsley Primary School Holiday Club

This week we are running a holiday club at Badsley Primary School

iDesign Half term 3

My half term teaching iDesign PPA Cover

SMART PPA - Carousel Cover

Junior Jam offer SMART PPA - Carousel PPA Cover where multiple staff cover classes at the same time

How we can help you with your OFSTED Deep Dive

Here is everything we provide our schools to help them with their OFSTED deep dive into the subjects we cover.

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