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New Online Staff Training

New Online Staff Training

Last Updated: 09 Nov, 2023

This academic year, we have launched a new feature for staff on our website and Junior Jam App: Online Staff Training. 

In order to streamline and improve our staff training, over the past few months, our office team have been working with our website and app developers to create a learning management system (LMS) for our staff. 

Instead of our instructors having to come to our head office in Bradford, or joining us on zoom, staff can now complete staff training online at a time that fits around their teaching hours. 

Our team have created videos that go through the PPA Cover lessons plans we provide, as well as giving staff recommendations for classroom management, differentiation in lessons, and helping pupils achieve their potential. Our instructors will then answer questions on what they have watched to ensure they’ve understood both the content and approach of the lessons. It also means staff can go back and watch a detailed breakdown of the lesson plans for specific lessons whenever they would like. 

We run training every half-term for our staff, so that they are familiar with the lesson plans before they begin teaching a new topic. Our music and media instructors teach differentiated levels for different year groups, so this new system allows staff to complete a level at a time starting from EYFS, all the way through to Year 6.

We began rolling out this system in September and so far, we have had staff complete Music Theory with Keyboards, Songwriting with Glockenspiels, Singing, Electric Drums and iMedia training on the platform, with many more of our exciting courses to be trained in the coming few weeks. We’re adding new courses and levels every half-term. 

We will also be utilising the LMS as part of our new onboarding process to ensure all new staff feel welcomed to Junior Jam and given all the information they need to feel prepared for their new role.

Keep your eyes on our blog for updates as we continue to upload more training for staff development and training for more of our innovative courses!

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