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Strike a pose….Photoshoot!

Strike a pose….Photoshoot!

Last Updated: 13 Aug, 2021

This week we had a photographer visit some of our Holiday Clubs to take some professional photos. The last time we had a photoshoot with staff and pupils was in 2019 so we felt it was time to have a refresh of photos that we will use on our social media, website and for marketing purposes.

We had our very own Junior Jam photographer, Usman. Usman who is a Junior Jam Media Instructor based in Manchester was delighted when we asked him to take some professional shots of the clubs. We had the photos taking place at Dixons Music Primary in Bradford and Heckmondwike Community Hall. He was professional and after seeing the final shots, we are really pleased with them.

In order to run the photoshoot smoothly, we asked all parents to sign a consent form to state they were happy with their child being in our photos. Any children who did not have consent wore a sports bib, this way it was easy for Usman to notice which children to photograph and not to photograph.

Shots included all the activities which have been taking place at the clubs such as, Sports (cricket and athletics), iPads, and Music. These all included the pupils and Junior Jam staff.

All in all, it was a successful day, and we are really happy with all the new photos, and we can’t wait to be able to use them as it’s a great way of showing people what Junior Jam is all about!

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