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 Published On: 07 Aug, 2020

The first week of our Holiday Club at Frizinghall Primary School

Today marks the end of the first week of our Holiday Club at Frizinghall Primary School in Bradford! Throughout the week Junior Jam have been providing an exhilarating Holiday Club where the pupils can have fun and make friends while learning new skills at the same time.

During the first week there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from students as well as their parents! Even Though there is a lot of negativity and panic with the current Covid-19 situation, Junior Jam have endeavoured to provide the pupils of Frizinghall Primary School new and exciting activities in a safe way. One of the most popular activities for both social bubble groups A & B is a very competitive game of dodgeball! Through these games we have seen a marvellous growth of friendship, teamwork, and a friendly competitive edge. The skills learn from dodgeball were also used in the multi-sports sessions which have included Football, Basketball, Cricket and some Hurdle Relay Races. It is safe to say that all the children here are very active and enthusiastic to do their very best.

Along with the multi-sports sessions the pupils have also taken part in iMedia lessons where they have used iPads to create an array of different types of media using apps such as: Garageband, Photoshop Express, Strip Designer, Sphero EDU and A.L.E.X. These apps have allowed the pupils to create their own music, edit photos they have taken to turn them into a product advert and even program a robot through a maze! The pupils were great at using the different forms of media and there were some amazing photos taken and edited by the pupils.

At our Holiday Club, Junior Jam has been supported with funding that has been provided to the school by the department of education. This has allowed us to use this funding to provide packed lunches to all the children that attend. These lunches are a big hit at the holiday club with the pupils thoroughly enjoying a sweet homemade treat inside their lunches, provided by our lunch provider.

The next 2 weeks of this holiday club are set to be just as jam packed and fun as this week has been so I look forward to see what is in store and will be sure to share my experience of it!

- Hannah

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