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We Are Back!

We Are Back!

Last Updated: 07 Sep, 2020

Hi all, it’s Jessie here!

We are finally back in the classroom! After a very busy summer, we are super excited here at Junior Jam to be back providing our PPA cover in our fabulous schools. Although the past few months have been very strange, we are relieved to be able to be back with our fresh curriculum and Covid-adapted teaching sessions.

Teacher training has recently come to an end – Emily, Katy and Louis have been up and down the country providing training in all of our subjects, including: Music, Media, MFL and PE. They have not only been training many familiar faces, but lots of new ones too. The recruitment process has been great, getting to know budding and enthusiastic teachers has really added to the excitement leading up to the start of term.

iPads have been a large task for both Louis and I over the past few months. Enrolling new ones, updating, installing Apps, creating new profiles… you name it! So we are really pleased to have now allocated all iPads to our instructors, along with all class sets for students to use in our iMedia lessons.

Some of our new staff have already begun teaching and have been out on their first team teaches! A team teach is where a new member of staff is accompanied by one of our senior team leaders for their first few lessons, this ensures they are fully equipped and confident for when they begin to conduct learning sessions by themselves. The team teaches have been really positive, and the staff are quickly familiarising and settling into their schools.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with how our exciting new class sessions are received within the schools and how are teachers and students are getting on!

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