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 Published On: 26 Sep, 2022

Welcoming Andrew

Hi, my name is Andrew and since it has been about a month working as a Junior Jam PPA Cover manager I thought I’d write this blog to talk about my time so far.

Before starting as a PPA Cover manager for Junior Jam this academic year, I joined as a media/computing teacher at the start of the summer term the year before. Leading up to my first few sessions I was filled with excitement but also lots of nerves being my first time teaching. Thankfully to the Junior Jam team we had lots of team teaches where one of our other teachers would be there to support and answer any questions, this really helped with my nerves and my confidence.

Computing/media has been my main subject I have taught this first half term as a PPA Cover manager in many different schools across the country including, Warrington, Derby and Lincoln! Travelling to so many different schools has really built up my knowledge as a teacher getting to see how all these different schools deal with certain issues.

Teaching our iMedia sessions on the iPads is incredible; the sessions are structured in a way that makes it easy for the kids to understand and me to teach. Some of the classes we teach in iMedia go from Music Production to Programming and even Animation. All these lessons vary so that it keeps them really fun for the kids.

This first half term has been great, being able to meet new children, staff, going to lots of new schools and teaching new lessons. I have new experiences every day working at Junior Jam making it a pleasure to come to work!

Look out for more updates and blogs from myself and all the other staff over the rest of the year.

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