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Welcoming Pupils Back To School

Welcoming Pupils Back To School

Last Updated: 03 Mar, 2021

Hi everyone, Louis here! Next week marks the return of pupils to school, and after months of home learning and video lessons, all of our staff and excited to welcome all pupils back to school!


We know it has been really tough for the children who have been at home, as well as the parents having to supervise them. So, since lockdown we have been hard at work creating video lessons for those pupils who were unable to go to school. These have ranged from home workout videos from our P.E. instructors, animation lessons from our media instructors, and extra music lesson and topics.


Our most recent music lessons have all been about ‘Musical Icons’. Pupils have been learning all about singers such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, and then deciding which one they think is the best musical icon. The second lesson is up now, and features Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Adele. Who do you think the pupils will choose as the biggest musical icon?


This term in imedia we are doing ‘iCreate’. This is one of my favourite modules as it is all about film, animation and being creative! KS1 pupils will learn all about photography, how to edit pictures and create their own magazines. KS2 will go more in depth on animation, stop motion, and even film with green screens.


The use of iPads mean they get to use some Incredible apps. They will be able to create their own gifs, animated storyboards, and 3D models. Our instructors are also equipped with Lego, toy cars, and green screens to further bring the pupils projects to life!


It is exciting to be able to return to full classes. We know the pupils are probably excited to be back to see their friends and teachers, so we want to be able to deliver the best lessons we can, and for the pupils to get the most out of it!

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