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The Music Theory levels are an engaging way to teach your Music curriculum. Using Keyboards to aid the lesson, pupils will work through Piano skills, scales, notes, chords, sight reading and notation in a fun and engaging way. As pupils progress, they will improve coordination, rhythm, dexterity, the ability to recognise different tones within an array of musical genres and the abilty to read key signatures.

Lite L1R
Sound Stories

This course aims to give EYFS pupils an entry into music making. Each lesson starts with a short story time about one of the instruments. The story covers the instrument, its timbre, how it’s played and what genre of music it is heard in. Through this, pupils will explore a wide range of music from different genres, cultures and styles. Pupils will look at how music can be used to help tell stories and convey feelings. Pupils will learn about performances and how to share music with each other. Pupils will create music using a variety of different small instrumentation and develop their fine motor skills and experiment with different kinds of sounds.

Key Stage 1
Lite Level 1
Learning the Fundamentals

Music Theory Lite Level 1 serves as a basic introduction to Music Theory for KS1 pupils. Throughout these lessons the pupils will be introduced to basic musical symbols as well as learning what importance they have within music. Pupils will learn features of musical notation to prepare pupils for reading and performing music. Pupils will become familiar with pitch and tuned instrumentation through the use of keyboard through the course. Pupils will be encouraged to develop the musical ear through practicing aural skills and thinking critically about the music they hear.

Lite Level 2
Theory of Genre

This is a continuation of Music Theory Lite Level 1. This course focuses on three main areas of music and theory; Film Composition, Genre, and Improvisation and Creativity. Each week students will be tasked with analysing and responding to a film score taken from Disney’s Fantasia. Students will then analyse a specific genre of music relating to an alternative score to Fantasia, learning about instrumentation, the working parts of popular instruments as well as being given the chance to improvise using a keyboard in a specific style.

Key Stage 2
Level 1
Building on the Fundementals

This course provides an introduction into the understanding of music theory using keyboards. Pupils will explore key foundational skills such as composition and improvisation. Pupils will begin to learn to read and play music using western standard notation. They will use electronic keyboards to explore scales, rhythm, stepwise motion, expression, and melodic structure. The pupils will explore notation and the history of music further by performing a variety of different songs across the course.

Level 2
Understanding Musical Language

Music Theory Level 2 aims to teach pupils how music works and aims to help pupils understand musical language using keyboards. During the course, pupils will further develop their compositional skills and develop their ability to improvise. Pupils will understand rhythmic notation and will develop this further to explore notating pitches using stave notation They will use the keyboards to explore pentatonic and diatonic scales, rhythm, major and minor tonalities, and expression. The pupils will explore notation and the history of music further by looking at Motown and soul music.

Level 3
Understanding Music Making

Music Theory Level 3 aims to teach pupils key musical skills to enhance their understanding of music and engagement in music making. During this course, pupils will develop their understanding of musical notation, exploring stave notation within the octave and looking at more complex rhythmic notation and time signatures. Pupils will also develop and practice using their aural skills through investigating major and minor tonality and learning how to play music by ear.

Level 4
Becoming Musicians

Music Theory Level 4 aims to develop pupils confidence in reading and understanding music, though composition, improvisation and reading stave notation. During the course, pupils will use keyboards to understand how music can be broken down into melodies and accompaniments, and ensemble performance. The pupils will also touch on the history of music to provide context for their musical understanding. Pupils will have performance opportunities through the course to prepare them for KS3.

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