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Throughout the half term pupils in EYFS will be introduced to a new instrument. They will learn about the instrument, how it's struck, and how to produce the correct sound from it. Pupils will learn simple songs on the Glockenspiels, as well as how to play together as a group. This course hits many of the Early Learning Goals including listening and attention, self-confidence, and self-awareness, making relationships, moving and handling, and being imaginative.

Key Stage 1
Level 1
Composing with Glockenspiels

Pupils in year 1 will focus on how they can create sound with their bodies, their voice, and with instruments using ostinati. They will learn the difference between lyrics and instrumentals and look into the sounds of different instruments before creating soundscapes. Pupils will investigate body percussion and begin composing using these sounds. The class will learn about graphic scores and explore the different ways of interpreting them, as everyone is unique in their way of thinking. Pupils will improvise question and answer phrases and link this with their compositional skills.

Level 2
Lyrics and Composition

Pupils within year 2 will begin to compose with purpose following briefs and guidance. In this advanced level, year 2 will begin to look at writing lyrics using rhyming words, these words will be added to word boards and be used to help create lyrics in future tasks.Pupils will create music and lyrics to non-musical stimuli such as pictures, poems, and stories; as well as writing lyrics for well known classical pieces.

Key Stage 2
Level 1
Songwriting - The basics

Over this course year 3 classes will learn lots of different techniques to make writing a song a simple process. They will choose their own theme and target market and will compose a song to a brief of their own creation. Alongside this the class will look at building their musical lexicon with a musical dictionary that they will add to every week. Pupils will learn different methods to create interest within their songs, such as call and response and echo phrasing. They will also analyse and rewrite songs and be encouraged to draw upon their English reading and writing skills throughout the process.

Level 2
Music and the Moving Image

Music and the moving image course focuses on year 4 pupils creating music for non-musical stimuli. Pupils will explore musical components by composing music to create a specific mood, this will be done through composing to a short, animated clip. Pupils will create music using graphic scores and create their own graphic scores for others to play. Pupils will be taught to create keys for their scores and choose to use one or not, so others can interpret their music the correct way or leave their piece open to interpretation. Pupils will compose music on their instruments in pairs, as well as working on whole class compositions.

Level 3
Lyric Writing

Within year 5 pupils will focus on how to write lyrics to existing music. Pupils will write lyrics to a piece of music 'the lark ascending' without knowing any information from the piece other than what it sounds like. When finished pupils would look at the poem that inspired the music to see if they interpret the themes the same. Pupils will also learn different techniques to help write lyrics such a word boards and how to improve vocal melodies using dot notation. Pupils will learn what 'ternary form' is and why people compose/ write songs in this style.

Level 4
Becoming an Artist : EP Release

During level 4 year 6 pupils will take a look at the music industry and what happened when a song has been written. Pupils will be given a brief at the beginning of the course to write single for their new EP. Pupils will be taught what an EP is, be asked to create a band name, name their song, think of a theme for their EP and song and learn about press releases. Alongside the creating their brand pupils will learn about key points of the music industry.

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