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The iCommunicate module explores communication in a new digital era. Children use technology form a young age so learning how to use it safely and respectfully is essential. Keystage 1 pupils will learn the fundamentals of internet and digital device safety during lite level 1; while pupils completing lite level 2 are able to discover all the ways you can use technology to communicate with someone.Keystage 2 pupils will similarly learn about different means of communication, however their focus will be on blogs, vlogs magazines and advertisements. They will also learn how to make/ build their own website following client briefs. Throughout this module pupils will gain an in depth understanding of how the internet can be used as a tool for collaboration.

Lite L1 R

After looking at different ways of communication the class will start emailing Alex the Alien. Alex would like to attend a school on the planet Earth, but he doesn't know anything about the planet. Using apps and class discussions the pupils will read emails from Alex to ascertain what he would like to know, go and research for him, and then report their findings back at the end of the lesson.

Key Stage 1
Level 1

Pupils will learn the fundamentals of internet and digital device safety. They will be introduced to different real-life scenarios and develop different strategies to stay clear of, or to deal with potential situations that could arise when online. Pupils will be reminded each lesson about the correct procedures to follow and who they can talk to should they have any concerns regarding e-safety.

Level 2

During iConnect pupils will look at all the ways we can contact someone in this digital era. The class will explore and discuss the reasons why people may wish to connect with others both around them and far away. Pupils will create multimedia communications to send to a recipient. Pupils will recap important aspects of iTech Lite Level 1 regarding the technology we use to communicate with people in the 21st century.

Key Stage 2
Level 1

This module focuses on podcasting, blogging, vlogging and broadcast channels. Pupils will look at the origins of these four areas before learning how to create their own. Pupils will also discuss how digital networks such as the internet have made remote collaborations possible and very easy.

Level 2

Pupils will learn the fundamentals of photography and editing before moving on to the uses for their photography. They will design and produce a magazine around a theme chosen by the pupils. To finish off the half term pupils will look at different ways of publishing their magazine in our digital age.

Level 3

Pupils will be introduced to advertising across three different mediums: Print, TV and Radio. Participants will learn how to create radio adverts and jingles to suit different products and themes, create a TV advert for a new product and finally a digital print advert for their product. The outcome will be for pupils to have a series of works surrounding the advertisement industry. Pupils will look at collaborations of different departments in the same company to make a rounded campaign.

Level 4

Participants will design and build their own website for Junior Jam. Students will be given a design brief to aid the design process. The website will include elements of HTML as well as using a WYSIWYG developing app to help visualise their design. The website must include several different elements including a video game that students must design and create as part of their course.

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