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The iJam lessons combine computing skills with music theory and composition in an exciting and hands-on fashion using iPads. Amongst other things, children will be taught about instrumentation and song structure, rhythm and tempo, pitch and dynamics, genre and music from different cultures, audio recording and sound editing. The iJam course will improve students' general knowledge and appreciation of popular and world music. Each level gives schools the option of steady progression.

Lite L1 R

Throughout the half term the class will learn about composition and what different sounds and instruments sound like together.The class will be able to do this through a number of different apps escalating in difficulty.

Key Stage 1
Level 1:

This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using GarageBand. Pupils will work initially as a class creating a class song before moving into pairs or small groups to create a short composition using a variety of instruments and sounds available within the app.

Level 2:

Pupils will explore a selection of different styles of popular music from the past 60 years and be tasked with creating their own versions using the app GarageBand. Pupils will develop their aural skills learning to recognise different instruments and sounds associated with different genres.

Key Stage 2
Level 1:

This is an introduction to basic song writing skills using the GarageBand app. Pupils will work in pairs or small groups to create a short composition using a variety of instruments and sounds available in the app. Tempo will be addressed, both in relation to musical genre and how it affects the feel and impact of a song. Musical and rhythmical patterns will be developed, and pupils will appraise each other's work with a view to implementing changes and improving their compositions.

Level 2:

Pupils will begin listening to a variety of popular dance music styles and analysing key elements that distinguish one genre from another. These findings will then be applied when pupils create a short composition in their chosen genre. Elements such as dynamics and pitch will be explored and applied to the compositions. The concept of the ‘Audio Spectrum’ will be introduced and participants will begin to use stereo-panning and level controls to improve their music’s balance and texture.

Level 3:

This course focuses on the origin and progression of Hip-Hop as a musical movement. Pupils will study the basic elements of the genre and develop their sampling and audio editing skills to create their own original Hip-Hop track. As well as using 'GarageBand', other apps will be introduced so participants can add their own drum rhythms, loops and sampled sounds to their compositions. Pupils will progress to writing lyrics to accompany their tracks.

Level 4:

In iRemix, pupils will be learning about remixing and sampling. Pupils will explore and use several different techniques used by industry professionals to remix a song. Students will add vocal effects to stems, creating live loops and layering them, as well as changing the genre of a song to something unexpected. During the final few sessions, the pupils will create their own remix of a song of their choosing.

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