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Our iCreate module allows pupils to gain an understanding of how technology can be used throughout art, design, animation and video editing. Initial workshops will provide your pupils with the skills they require to use the software and apply it on a basic level. Further on during the module pupils will need to think about and implement more advanced skills when working on their projects. Whether this be using a harder interface within the software or using a more complex technique building on knowledge from the first lessons. Each level within this module, although focusing around different skills and area of design, will build on skills learnt from previous or other iMedia subjects and show pupils how they can be applied in a real working-life context.
Throughout each module, each lesson progresses to ensure that pupils are pushed to achieve their best. Every lesson comes with differentiated learning objectives, in line with the new OFSTED guidelines so you can see how your instructor is distinguishing between year groups completing the same level.

Lite L1 R

The class will be taken through different art mediums. They will explore drawing and painting, interior design and computer generated design. Throughout this course the class will also have the opportunity to explore the evolution of the camera and learn about the first photo ever taken.

Key Stage 1
Level 1

The iCreate course aims to introduce participants to digital photography in the modern era. They learn about the basic principles of taking good pictures such as focal point, foreground and background and the importance of light and photo-editing techniques.

Level 2

Pupils will create a school magazine using stock photos and original text. Pupils will be required to utilise the skills covered in Lite Levels 1’s iPhotograph in order to create a marketable magazine. Pupils will also learn how to format text, textboxes, photos and other content within the app Strip Designer, alongside learning the key components of a magazine.

Key Stage 2
Level 1
iStop Motion

During the first half of iStop Motion, pupils will learn about stop motion animation and create a short stop motion film. Following this, pupils will learn about post-production effects such as ‘Chroma key’ and ‘Foley’. Pupils will finish by combining their animation and post-production skills together to create a final piece with sound, video effects, chroma key and animated 2D titles.

Level 2

During this module pupils will learn basic and advanced editing techniques and video effects to produce a music video. Pupils will edit, cut and splice footage supplied to them in order to create their final video. Pupils will utilise search functions within the app iMovie to sift through stock videos and choose appropriate clips to match the audio.

Level 3
Advanced i2D

This module looks into early 2D animation and its development over time. Pupils will start with basic flip books before developing different skills to produce a 2D piece of vector art. Students will focus on character design, plot development and how characters will interact.

Level 4

Pupils will learn how to create different multi-media digital content. They will look at filming, coding storyboards, complex editing, GIFS, Cinemograph, AR and 3D drawing. Pupils will learn how these are applied in real-world contexts to create content for online and digital applications including websites and IOS software. At the end of the half term pupils will produce a digital gallery of their work and present it to the class in the app Keynote.

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