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iTech offers pupils an incite into what technology can be used for outside of the normal applications within school or home. Keystage 1 pupils will look into different technologies invented over the past 200 years. They will also investigate how this technology has advanced to what they are used to seeing and using on a daily basis. Pupils will also look specifically at technology used within film and how to use iPads to create their own film trailers. Keystage 2 pupils will explore technology further afield from what they typically use. Throughout the module they will learn about space exploration; planning and presenting their own mission to Mars. iCSI will allow the pupils to learn about evidence collection, finger print technology and code breaking. Within their first year on iTech pupils will have to complete a series of programming challenges to successfully pilot an external object.

Lite L1 R

This is an introduction to basic film plotting and film making using the app ‘Toontastic’. Working in groups, students will work towards plotting a story arc consisting of three parts. Groups will have to create scenes and characters to complete their story lines.

Key Stage 1
Level 1

iInvent focuses on how technology has progressed through the 19th and 21st centuries. This course aims to give pupils a better understanding of the technology they use every day both at home and in school. This course will cover how to use technology safely and responsibly, as well as how to explain their uses to others.

Level 2

Pupils will focus specifically on the technology that surrounds the film industry and is used to create both animated and live action films. Pupils will use the app Toontastic to digitally plan and create an animated film before filming a live action trailer using the app iMovie.

Key Stage 2
Level 1

Taught to all KS2 pupils in academic year 2020 - 21

Pupils will build upon their coding knowledge gained during Level 1 iProgram and learn how to control both simulated and external systems. Pupils will use computational thinking to plan, create and write a program to run an external device. This will involve writing code within the language Blockly, stringing code together to make algorithms, solving and debugging any issues, and coding to achieve the goals set out by the instructor. At the end of the half term pupils will have the opportunity to test their code on a physical object.

Level 2
iCSI - Evidance Trace

Taught to all KS2 pupils in academic year 2021 - 22

iTech is all about exploring how technology can be used in the wider world. Over this course pupils will look at how technology is used by the police and associated organisations, like CSI teams. Pupils will learn what skills and characteristics benefit this line of work and examine the skills they use every day in school to see if they are transferable.During iCSI, pupils will solve a crime using technology available to them. Pupils will take fingerprints, create photo fits, crack codes and hack digital devices. They will also use a mind mapping tool to store all their data digitally, this will be added to as more information comes to light. Pupils will need to be thorough whilst they carry out their investigation. Science and Maths skills are put to the test in a real-life scenario…who will solve the crime?

Level 3
iCSI - Cold Case

Taught to all KS2 pupils in academic year 2022 - 23

iTech is all about exploring how technology can be used in the wider world. Over this course, pupils will look at how technology is used in positive, negative and sometimes illegal ways. Pupils learn about the people who stop cybercrime and what skills / characteristics benefit this line of work. They will examine the skills they use every day in school to see if they are transferable.
During iCSI Cold Case the pupils will be introduced to a bank robbery with link to cybercrime. The case presented to them has heavy ties with internet safety and will draw attention to what they give away about themselves every day.

Level 4
iCSI - Cyber Security 

Taught to all KS2 pupils in academic year 2023 - 24

This course focuses on the statement, ‘online actions have offline consequences.’ At the beginning of the half term, the pupils will be introduced to a fictitious competition that the pupils have been entered into. They will be informed that Junior Jam have partnered with the MET Police to bring them a case file. Throughout the half term, the pupils will learn about Cyber security and then use their new knowledge to help them with the investigation. In addition, pupils will use the app Junior Jam has built for this course, so that they can test their knowledge of cybersecurity in a safe and controlled environment without using the internet.


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