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iOffice teaches Keystage 2 pupils all about Word, Excel and Keynote. While office programs aren’t currently covered within the national curriculum, we feel learning how to use these programs efficiently will help them across the curriculum to enhance their work and understanding in all subjects. Pupils will learn how to use the template function within word to create documents they are not familiar with. As well as learning the word interface so they can create and format documents of their own. Pupils will create plans for a new social media, write C.V’s and job adverts, compose letters and emails, in addition to a brochure. Within Excel pupils will be taught how to use the various functions within the program, as well as how to create graphs and extrapolate information from pre-existing data banks and graphs. At the end of each level pupils will create a presentation and pitch/ present their projects with the rest of the class on Keynote.During level 1 whilst learning about Word, all tasks will be centred around internet safety. Our E-Safety level covers Cyber Bullying, Online Gaming, Trust, Digital Reputation, Location Permissions, Online Contact and Social Media.

While pupils in Key stage 2 are completing iOffice, Key stage 1 pupils will be completing the iAnimate module.

Key Stage 2
Level 1

Pupils will combine leaning how to stay safe while on a digital device with learning how to operate Office 365 programs. Our E-Safety module covers Cyber Bullying, Online Gaming, Trust, Digital Reputation, Location Permissions, Online Contact and Social Media. All of these topics are covered alongside learning how to use the basic functions within Word and Excel.

Level 2

Pupils will be presented with a hypothetical scenario where all social media platforms have been removed from the internet. They will then be tasked with designing and creating their own social media platform to fill the gap in the market. Throughout the half term, pupils will use more advanced functions in Word to plan their ideas before finally collating them into a Keynote ready to be presented to their peers.

Level 3

iCompany is an Excel based course. Pupils will begin with a recap of basic Excel knowledge gained in Level 1 before moving on to more advanced functions within the app. Their task is to act as movie producers and decide on a style of animated movie to put into production. Working in pairs, pupils will start by inputting and analysing data allowing them to make important production decisions. The class will develop their Excel skills and learn how to successfully use a variety of advanced functions within a spreadsheet.

Level 4

Your local council has advertised for a new Superhero to combat local crime. Pupils must use all the skills they have learnt during Levels 1, 2 and 3 on Excel, Word and Keynote, to design and present their hero. Pupils will learn how to create and correctly format a CV, how to add hyperlinks into a Word document and extrapolate data from Excel in order to design a successful candidate CV.

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