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Key Stage - Level 1
Unit 1:
Greetings & Numbers

Pupils will learn basic greetings and gain an understanding of the numbers 1-10 so they can use them in a context. They will learn how to ask and answer a range of questions about their personal information such as what their name is and where they live, in order to take part in role-playing activities and a number of games. Pupils will be encouraged to start writing and speaking consistently in full sentences.

Unit 2:
Colours & Animals

Pupils will continue to practise greetings and numbers and begin to learn the names of colours and the names of some animals. They will be able to match the numbers and colours to their written words and learn to recognise and answer some question words.

Unit 3:
Days of the Week, Months, Seasons & Fruit

Pupils will be able to identify the days of the week, months, seasons and names of fruit. They will be introduced to how sentences are arranged and be encouraged to recall single words from memory. There will be a focus on story reading and playing games to reinforce what they are learning.

Unit 4:
Food, Drink & Giving Preferences

Pupils will start to give their opinions on different food and drinks. They will learn additional vocabulary and practise using what they have learnt in a real-life, role-play situation.

Unit 5:
Family, Stories and Conversation

Pupils will be introduced to vocabulary on different family members and how to describe them. Pupils will then build on what they have learnt in previous units by learning larger numbers and new questions, before using new vocabulary to hold longer and more complex conversations. Pupils will also learn how to conjugate the verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ in the present tense.

Unit 6:
Cultural Diversity and Revision

Pupils will learn about French/Spanish culture and life in France/Spain. They will also continue to practise numbers and colours, whilst revising everything that they have learnt so far this year.

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