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Key Stage - Level 3
Unit 1:
Hobbies and Free Time

Pupils will learn a wide range of hobbies to talk about what they like or don’t like to do in their free time using different opinion phrases. They will also learn how to form the present tense and how to conjugate regular verbs in order to form simple sentences about what they do in their free time. Pupils will also revise the days of the week, seasons, and weather conditions.

Unit 2:

Pupils will learn the vocabulary for a range of sports and the correct verb to use for the sports they play. Through engaging activities, pupils will practise this new vocabulary by talking about what sports they like and dislike and justify their opinions using a variety of adjectives. Pupils will reinforce their knowledge of the days of the week and learn different time and frequency phrases to express when or how often they do something in the context of sports. Pupils will revise the numbers up to 100 and how to ask and answer the question ‘How many?’.

Unit 3:
TV, Music and Movies

Pupils will learn the vocabulary for a range of film and music genres, as well as TV programmes. Through engaging activities, pupils will practise this new vocabulary while discussing their preferences and justifying their opinions using a variety of adjectives. Pupils will also revise how to tell the time when discussing a TV schedule. Pupils will also review different grammatical concepts to reinforce their knowledge and improve their skills.

Unit 4:
Food and Eating Out

Pupils will enhance their current knowledge of food and drink vocabulary by reviewing and learning new terms, as well as discussing their food preferences using appropriate opinion phrases. Pupils will also acquire the skill to describe the food they consume during the three main meals of the day and mention the respective time. Additionally, they will also practise expressing the cost of different foods and drinks. Pupils will also practise asking and answering questions to engage in meaningful conversations about foods and drinks in the context of describing meals and asking for the price. They will further practise ordering food in a restaurant by using the vocabulary they have learnt and the sentence ‘I would like’.

Unit 5:
Physical descriptions and Personality

Pupils will learn how to describe physical features, such as hair and eye colour, as well as character traits to describe personality. Pupils will practice conjugating familiar verbs in the present tense to describe themselves, their family, and friends. Additionally, pupils will practise Spanish/French word order to create more complex sentences, using appropriate words in the correct order within a sentence and comparing them to English sentence structures. Pupils will also review the grammar concept of adjectival agreement to ensure they use the correct gender when describing people.

Unit 6:
At School

Pupils will have the opportunity to improve their communication skills by incorporating vocabulary related to school locations, school supplies, and subjects into their existing knowledge. They will also learn how to use this new vocabulary in various grammatical structures to answer questions such as 'Where are you?/Where is he/she?'or' What do you have in your backpack?. Additionally, they will practise indefinite articles with the names of school supplies while revising colours to describe them. While reviewing school subjects, students will practise expressing opinions about them in both singular and plural forms, as well as justifying those opinions using appropriate adjectives. Pupils will also review the grammatical concept of adjectival agreement to ensure that they use the correct gender and number when describing school supplies and school subjects.

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