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Key Stage 1 - Lite Level 2
Unit 1 Lite
Revising Numbers & Telling the Time

Pupils will revise numbers 1 to 20 and tens and expand their knowledge by learning numbers from 21 to 31. They will also review the days of the week and months. With this knowledge, pupils will be able to ask and answer questions about the date and discuss their birthdays. Additionally, they will practise telling the time to the hour.

Unit 2 Lite
Parts of the body and feeling unwell

Pupils will learn vocabulary related to different parts of the body through engaging games and songs. They will also practice using the conjugation for "I have" in the context of discussing body parts. Additionally, students will learn how to express specific body parts that are hurting, using the appropriate sentence structure based on the number of body parts involved. This lesson will also provide an opportunity for students to review and apply previously learned vocabulary, such as numbers and colours.

Unit 3 Lite
Food, Opinions and Shopping

Pupils will revise previously learnt food vocabulary and expand their knowledge with new food items. Additionally, they will revise and learn new opinion phrases to express their food preferences. To enhance their speaking abilities, pupils will engage in role-playing scenarios such as ordering at a restaurant and buying food at a market. Moreover, they will be taught how to ask for different food items using the phrase "I would like”.

Unit 4 Lite
Weather and Clothes

Pupils will learn vocabulary for weather conditions and items of clothing. Pupils will also engage in conversations to practice how to ask and answer questions related to the topic of weather and clothing. To reinforce their learning, students will participate in various engaging activities, including games, reading, writing, speaking, and listening tasks.

Unit 5 Lite
Town and Transport

Pupils will learn vocabulary related to town locations and types of transportation. Pupils will review and learn essential questions and answers used to ask and provide personal information. They will also acquire the ability to express the presence and absence of various places in their town. Additionally, they will revisit expressing opinions in the context of using various modes of travel.

Unit 6 Lite
Hobbies and Sport

Pupils will learn vocabulary related to hobbies and sports, and they will revisit expressing opinions on this topic. Additionally, they will review the days of the week and family members to discuss which sports they engage in with their family and when. Furthermore, pupils will revise essential sentences used to provide personal information.

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