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 Published On: 05 Apr, 2022

Welcoming Fraser

Hello, my name is Fraser and I have been working at Junior Jam as a Junior PPA Cover manager for just over a month now. So, I thought I’d take the time to let you know a little bit about me and my first few weeks.

I came to Junior Jam with a sports coaching background, having been an instructor at both football and cricket clubs. Junior Jam provides a wide range of different disciplines and I was excited but nervous to get stuck into lots of new subjects. Within my first few weeks I have received lots of training; I’ve shadowed staff members in schools, I was a support at a half term kids club and I was provided some very helpful team teach sessions. All of this was extremely helpful for my confidence and my nerves.

During this half term, I have taught PE, Computing/Media and Music in several different schools in locations all over the country, from Lincolnshire to St Helens! I feel much more confident going into new schools as I have gained plenty of hours teaching experience in such a short time.

I really enjoy teaching our iMedia sessions on the iPads; the sessions are really well structured for the kids and for me to teach. Our iMedia classes range from Animation, Programming and even Music Production. Each of these lessons are so varied, which makes them really fun for the kids. Media is definitely my preferred subject due to the variety of lessons.

Now it’s the end of the term, I feel much more confident in teaching, I enjoy going to new schools, meeting new kids as well as the staff and delivering new lessons. Every day at Junior Jam is different! I have really enjoyed my first half term.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates from me and our other staff in the summer term!

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